Thursday, December 22, 2011

My results

Got my results today!!! Guess what!!!

HELL YEAHH 6 A'S!!!!! WOAH!! shocking right? Thank god!!! I did it~!~!! I dont mind getting a C for kh screw that subject anyway hahahahahaha you know what, in 3 years i never touch my kh books!! even before pmr!! LOL!! that subject sucks and really not interesting lo~~

Everyone also shocked i get 6A's my parents, teachers, friends, aunties LOL!! Coz i got last in class for mid term :O . Honestly, i feel kinda happy i get last in class that time but some other people were so shocked that i got last in class as if it was really a big deal and kena scold by parents and teacher aim arrows at me in class LOLOLOL!!

I dont really care. ahahaha! Getting last in class is quite cool you know!