Friday, December 13, 2013

Alice in the wonderland~

Alice in the wonderland themed drawing. hahaha my version of alice in wonderland? All of the characters in here are ocs which belongs to my friends~ I think this is another drawing i did out of boredom lol.

close ups? owo


and tadaaa~~ mad hatter, Alice, Cheshire cat andd twinss haha .

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yunoki Azuma fanart

Fanart of Yunoki Azuma from La Corda D'oro! This anime used to be so popular last time LOLOLOL!! I think it was like 5 years ago? I remember how me and my friends used to go crazy over this anime HAHA . It was really funny.

I had been doing request ( many months ago , sorry I'm currently not accepting any request ) and my friend requested me to do a fan art of Yunoki Azuma and so i did~


and there ya go~ Yunoki Azuma~~ But in the end my friend isn't really satisfied with it since the most important thing she wanted was the eye lol...and as you can see his eyes is um..closed lol. but my friend want them OPENED! =w=" damn...i should have draw them open =___=

So, i feel very not satisfied if my friend isn't satisfied =___=. I feel like there's no point then if she doesn't like it!!! This is really bothering me so im considering drawing another Yunoki-sama with EYES ALL OPENED (OVO) but im lazy so yeah. HAHAHAHA We'll see...

Sorry for the ugly quality TvT stupid scanner got prob and this laptop doesn't have any editing pic application =______________=  since this is my dad's laptop, im not allowed to download anything in it  =u=" If not i already edit it nicely dy!! HAIHZZ!!!

Sai from Naruto fan art

I finally scanned all my drawings to the comp!!! YEASHHH! was having so much problem with the scanner!! Scan till i so pissed and took me such a long time =_= Here's my Sai ( from Naruto ) fan art! hohoho did this many months ago and i think i was into Naruto that time so i did this out of boredom. Sai is so sexahhhh! LOL

Ps, I just copied it from this pic that time hahaha.


I just sketched for fun and had no plans to line it at all lol but i think i got too bored =___="

and tadaa~ nothing special la..just did it for fun. sorry for the quality of this scan =_____=

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Children who chase lost voices.

I went shopping with my friends yesterday and browsed through the anime section in Popular bookstore and i saw this anime movie!!

It really attracted me and the title already sound so interesting!!!! So after i went home i immediately searched about it. So i watched it online lol .


It's a super natural and fantasy sort of movie < i seriously love watching this kind of genre. 

Watching this makes me feel like i just entered to a whole new world and makes me lose track of time. Its just so amazing!!! The graphic and everything, the scenes is just so breath taking! This movie really inspire me so much!!

AND AND u see the guy there!? He's Shun AND HE'S SO HANDSOME LA! idk about you guys or maybe u see here is like ..what so handsome about him bla bla but you'll understand the moment he pop's out in the movie!! I really love guys that looks like this in anime movies! It's also like the guy in Howl's moving castle!!!  T____________T

How do they even think about all this kind of stuff!!!! So beautiful T.T

I feel so empty now after i finished watching it T_________T I want moreeeeee omgg....This movie just became my no.1 favourite anime movie would be Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle~

I REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE, CHILDREN WHO CHASE LOST VOICES!!! SO MAGICAL! I seriously regretted not buying the DVD !!!! Cause i didn't bring enough moneyyy T_T_T but i dont care! I'm still gonna go buy it later even if i already watched it TvT.

Then i searched about this movie's info and i cant believe Makoto Shinkai is the director of this beautiful movie ._. I'm shocked because he's also the director of this movie, 5 centimeter per second ...because that is like the worst movie i've ever watched lol even though the graphic is very beautiful. Im very sorry lol.

 I remembered i goggled it and watched it's trailer and is was so damn nice and so beautiful but when i watched the movie....i became like o___________________________________o. I felt like the trailer that i watched was all lies LOL! The trailer is like so interesting so nice but when watch the whole movie is so damn boring lol. Idk but some of the ppl say they cry and all its so sad ..i was like uhh.....==?

 See the graphic is so damn nice giving u good impression about this movie... BUT ALL LIES!!

I really don't understand what so nice about it because the ending sucks too since both of them never get to be together. and the whole movie is just like showing this guy who doesn't move on and keep dwelling in the past. How emo he is, how sad he is...To me, it's not that he couldn't move on, is he doesn't even wanna move on!!!! and in the end his life sucks and all. I really hate this kind of people that dwells in the past because there are alot more wonderful things in life. They never try to look on the bright side...=_=

Well this is just my point of view though. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Nicole's 17th birthday, 5th of October~

 I AM FINALLY BACK IN BLOGGING BUSINESS!!!!!! YEAHHH!!! I can't believe it has been that long since i last blogged OMG! hahahaha gomen! This time my reason is that I was too busy studying for SPM. To make up for it I'm gonna be blogging like crap!!! I have SO MANY drawings i wanna show you guys! Stay tuned!

Oh yeah and i finally accepted the fact that my ka boomed computer is never coming back from fixing. Currently using dad's laptop. Can't wait to get my own laptop though.

AND TEN TEN TEN TEN HERE IS WHAT I DREW LAST LAST MONTH! Did this for my tomodachi, Nicole~~!! It's a birthday card hahaha and she is a super big fan of Switch from Sket Dance! and also One Piece LOL! OK LET'S GO TO LE PROCESS!!!


 the Japanese words there means Otanjoubi Omedeto~ which also means happy birthday in Japanese.
well of course im not that pro in japanese la, actually i asked my japanese friend how to write them xP LOLOLOLOL..


waittt not finished yet!



haha sorry i censored my writting~ xP

and tadadada birthday girl receiving all le presents! ....yeah her Birthday was 5 OCT and now is....9 DECEMBER !! OMG!!! this show how 'hard working' i've been TuT

Celebrated Nicole's birthday whole day hahaha! Went to her house early in the morning play play play lallalalalallala. IT WAS SO FUN!  we played hide and seek and 1 of my friend hide in the toilet bowl hahaha how awesome is that? i think that was kar yan HAHAHA just joking



Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sorry for not updating my blog these days!! My computer broke down few weeks ago and i still haven't got back the computer. It seems that that computer is TOO OLD and so...have to buy new computer which idk when lol  T_T_T and all my pics, scanned and edit artworks is there. Im too lazy to rescan it and re-edit it T_T_T_T_T haihz! Now I'm blogging with my dad's laptop and im not used to using laptop and keep click wrong things and its VERY ANNOYING .

2 days ago was my school's Graduation Night! I cant believe how fast time flies ! I'll be out of school in just a few months more T_T...I always see GradNite pictures of my seniors andd i cant believe its my turn already!!!!!!! and i still cant believe that night is over hahahaha! Spent few days looking for dresses with my friends...finding for saloon and make up places LOLOLOL

okk la let the pictures do the talking~

 Process of becoming pretty  for the night LOL

After everything is done, there's still like 2 hours more before Gradnite starts so me and my friends hang around starbucks for a lil while and soo camwhore a lil whileee


After that Ran drove us to the hotel where the Gradnite is held and WOOSHHHH so many pretty girls standing at the lobby there!! omggg They were all so pretty and i cant even recognize them and i had to ask them whos this LOL!! and that whole night i was SO BUSY taking pictures with my friends lol

With Yik Yue~

 With Sabrinaa ! SHE SO CUTEE!!

Withh Jo Mun~~

haha this Liang Kai Yi so cool that night XP

With Joanne~!~!! ^o^

JHENG YIE SO CUTEEE AHHHHHH!!!! First time see her for femine TvT

the twin sisters~!~!! XDD


Me and Mei Shan~

pictures of me and my classmates~~



Camwhoring with Jie Yin LOLOL




My face ._. haha i cant believe i forgot to take a solo full body pic of myself LOL. When i went back home i was like OHH I didnt take any pic of my ownself LOLOLOL ohh and if you're wondering, the braid on my forehead is my real hair ( since many ppl asked HAHA )

With our teacher~ XDD


Pictures with my TST family~!~!!!! :DDDD

Kar Yannnn~~

 Yin Jiee~ Just realized i didnt take any full body pic with her ;_;. Actually got but with her poloroid camera only

 Me and Nicoleeee~~





 Group picturesss~

 The lighting there is so bad x_x




Was so busy that night i didn't even get to sit down, relax and really eat! It was really tiring walking here and there coz got performance and all, then have to record my friend's performances, then have to keep camwhoring non stop LOLOL!! but it was an awesome night TvT ~