Monday, April 30, 2012

SMI fun fair!

Went for SMI's fun fair yesterday with my friends!! :D Reached there around 9 something and got Julian as our tour guide! haha! Then waited for Kar Yan to arrive. bla bla then walk sunny. The fun fair is not what i expected larh..coz its like so little stuff there D: and i dint even get to finish my coupons =\ .

Then we go buy float and the guy pour coke for me until he dropped the whole bottle of coke while pouring ._. and the coke tumpah on his friend. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!! I was like ._______________________________________________. .

Then i bought helium balloons! WHEEEE HEHEHEHEE!! Then we go highlight our hair ~~

and thenn we went to parade with our balloons. That time was really early so its like very little people there hahaha!! Then we go play with the helium balloons and our voice turn to chipmunks and we keep laughing and recording video. Its was so funny..HAHAHAHA!! hou mou liu arhh!!! HAHAHA!

bai bai! 

bla bla

Ohai!! I changed my blog's layout . I like my old blog's layout but then its like so mah fan to view my posts ._. and now 1 is like so dull, boring and unattractive -.- . I planned on doing something else but due to my laziness, i cin cai change HAHAHA!! I too lazy care about my blog's layout. Nvm la! I go change again later when im free not lazy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Wanted to upload this for a long time now...This is a demonic character (NOT ELF OR ANYTHING LOL ) I guess i draw him not demon-ish enough? Actually this drawing is really unexpected la. Coz I was actually trying to draw a girl with long hair at first....BUT THEN IT LOOKS LIKE A GUYY!! So i was like aiyah just draw a guy la! Then half way i was like..OHH!! make him a demon la. HAHAHA!!  

But i had a really hard time thinking about the stupid background mah fan and hard like that..coz i dont really do background. If i know how to use the photoshop then edit edit and put effect like in the comic, it would be nice. HAHAHA!! 

This drawing really 1 of my favourite lah hahaha... Love this drawing!! Coz this is actually i the first time i draw a guy mature mature like that ( for my level la ) Was so nervous inking this but fun~~ HAHAHA!!

Some of you guys would be wondering '' did you copy it somewhere? '' . Nope, this is my original haha thats why i really like this drawing XPP

Ignore the mistakes i made in that drawing ;x

uhh sooo here's the process~~ Hope you guys like it 

haha i scanned it coz ngam ngam i was using scanner to scan my school stuff >:P 

and thenn i was so bored so i edited it for fun and TADAHHH~~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ren :)

Did this few weeks ago!! I finally connect my phone to my comp hahaha!! Got many more drawings i wan post~!~!! :D:D 



More inking and tadaahhh!!

Hope you guys likes it ^o^~!~!! Its the first time i do this kind of style and first time i do this kind of hair! Sorry if the background kinda sucks la...i dun usually do background for my characters 1 coz i dun quite know how to im lazy :P This is kinda like a demonic character but dun quite look so demonic i guess HAHAHA! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

2# 'Food' Shopping at Aeon 19/4/12

Here are more pictures from Yin Jie's camera hahaha! OHHH!! I really like the candid pics of me and ranesha!! I really dint realize they took it

Nicole's 1 so nice

HAHAHAHA my 1 wrong side LOL

'Food' Shopping at Aeon 19/4/12

Ohaii!! As you all know yesterday was a HOLIDAYYY~~~ went hangout at aeon yesterday with my tst family hahaha!! I forgot what i did yesterday except for taking pictures @.@ This hang out is kinda for food shopping so it should go like...


All the money should be dedicated to food and food only. But it went out of plan HAHAHA since we bought clothes instead! Next time sin lor! Let the pictures do the talking!! Oh yeah~~ I dint edit any of my pictures below since im not the type that edit pictures ( i also hate editing pictures (unless it is necessary ) . i find it very troublesome -.- and i hate it when all the effects are nice and duno which effect u should choose lol + lazy ) 

Lol meet up and then had our lunch at the pancake house thingy ( izzit wad its called? ) . WAHH eat until i sei ha sei ha..SO THE FULLL!!! Everyone started camwhoring when we sat down LOL!!

This is what i wore!! Whee love love my hat XDD~!~!!!  And the necklace is my last year's birthday present from nicole! :D...

I like this picc!! but then BLURR JOR! T^T. Um...ignore the background la =3="

Camwhore mood *on* LOLOLOL!! ohh and Aeon toilets are awesome~~

LOL They camwhoring with my hat behind me rofl

HAHA Yin jie and nicole go and photoboom me. But i like this pic though >:D

Play guitar as usual >:DD~!

HAHAHA Snapped this pic while nicole playing mario!! Nicole so serious! Nicole's gaming mood *on*

and kar yan joins in HAHHAH

LOL nicole photoboom me again..

bla bla bla~~ waiting for them to buy their things. so tired. 

Waiting for them to buy their drinks at Chatime~ I tot cha time drinks are super nice or something..turns out its just some expensive drinks that taste like other drinks hahaha! 

I guess thats all bye bye~!