Thursday, March 28, 2013

Naruto Club Chart

hello there! gonna blog about the club chart since i finally get all the pictures ready! hahaha!! Sobb my pride and joy T_T_T_T Im really really happy with it even though there's like some mistakes but whatever la right? TvT Im glad i didn't receive any negative comments about it....I did my best though T_T_T It's really hard for me coz i need to like make sure those 4 ppl are in the right body size at their placing...and i dont usually do full body omg and this is like suddenly i need do all 4 person's full body at once! im still an amateur after i took me really long to confirm their sizes and just sketching them kills me =__= especially naruto...oh gosh...

It was quite a nightmare doing this coz i had alot of stuff i need to do and i had to rush this as well...but the end product is all that counts i guess *sobs*

ok let's see the process of it 

( i really took alot of pics on this LOL!! O.O.O"" ) ( coz normally i take is like i skip certain parts coz too lazy and kinda troublesome )

Getting the words done first

Purposely put me and my friend's names together hahaha!

After inking all the words~~ then colour colour the main words

This is kinda where all the nightmare starts =.=

HAHAHA OH GAWD CAN U SEE HOW RETARDED NARUTO IS!?!?!?! this is my first sketch of him wth HAHAHAA!! OMG LA SO FACEPALM!! I had to redo this body for more than 3 times wth =.= *nightmare** it was really hard =.= i was so pissed and angry coz it keep didnt turn out right 

LOLOLOLOL :'DD aiya at least better than the first sketch 1 right??? 

can u see my retarded sakura first sketch as well?? LOLOLOL 


AND COLOURING NIGHTMARE BEGINS! I never used this style of colouring before actually =.= so i really am not sure if i'm doing the right thing?? 

Actually i forgotten to take pic of the end product of my chart at home when its  done T_T_T so i had to take it in school ( thats why it took a while for me to fin up the post )


LOL sry if i look ugly here T_T_T but thats the only pic i took me+my chart ....Just took yesterday ...Was so sweaty and really tired after the drama props meeting =.=  yeahh..had to go back to school even during holidays =.=" i was too lazy to care how i look already when i took this =.==.=


SOb  im so happy with my chart i feel like crying tears of joy T_T ....actually i've always wanted to do this since last time like few years ago la... I always see other club chart like...oh this is nice! ohh why this 1 so weird wan!! imma make my own 1 nx time ! I didn't know i would really had the chance to do it before the end of my school life and So its like oh i finally did it! T_T_T like 1 of my goal completed ~ achievement unlocked ~~~~HAHA some more it's my current favourite anime so its more *shing shing shing* to me ....Sobs* and actually i wasn't even supposed to be in charge of doing this club chart LOL! Just took the job from my friend ~

While doing this i was pretty depressed like oh gawd!! why like this 1!? *rub rub* OMG IZZIT EVEN GONNA TURN OUT RIGHT!? WTH IS THIS!? WHAT DID I JUST DO !!!$(@#)#@()% and and really thank god it turn out well ~ im so happy and glad T_T_T_T_T_T and and thanks alot to my friends for their support T_T_T TvT 

onwards to completing more goals~! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


My Cafe drawing~~ HAHA can spot anything?? (-u-)/

HAHAHAHA Le Konoha and Sand village logo ROFL!!! Idk what to put there so i just randomly add some naruto stuff (-u-)~~

The processss~~~

I never draw this kind of thing before :'DD Actually my english teacher (also drama club teacher ) asked me to draw this :'D and I somehow became the leader of the props team for my school drama club lol....

It all happened when I was caught drawing during her class lol.....She suddenly popped out of no where!! and I was SOO SHOCKED so i quickly turned the page at high speed to a page with alot of writting to act as if im hardworking (LOLOLOL) and and she turned back my page ._______________. and i was like !?*turn it back to page with many writting again*and then she try to turn it back again LOLOLOL and i was like !!?!??!? omg is she gonna confiscate my book now? TTvTT" but no ....she was like ' oh you can draw??' i was like ._______________________. yeahh ...and then asked me to draw a cafe scene and show it to her ._. and i did as i was told and that's how i somehow became a part of my school's drama team lol....

 i really never imagined that i'd be in the school drama team LOL. Props team leader somemore...I have no leadership skills TvT" I never lead anything before TvT" ( i guess the grandnite 1 is kinda diff o.o" ) And now im busy again!! Just completed a few stuff and new stuff comes in and even bigger ones...SOO BUSYY AHHHH!!! Drama competition is just around the corner omg!! have to get all the props stuff doneeee fasttttt!!

This week holiday i thought i can sit down relax and enjoy watching Naruto T_T but i'll be busy until i no time to sheet LOLOL ( chinese proverbs HAHHAHA ) 

Yoshhh~!! Shall do my best!! >:DD

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Club Chart-sneak peek

Heh heh heh ~~ Here's a sneak peek on what im currently busy with! I guess you can already guess it?? or maybe not? ._. HAHA! School Curriculum club board! Gonna blog long crap about it when im done ~~~ Stayy tunneedddd~~~

( oh and ps if you're my schoolmate and you're wondering, seni club board is near/in front+ abit side to the bookshop ) 

Black flower

Hello~! I'm finally not lazy to blog~!~!!! Ok la i have been busy!! and am still busy but since i have the mood to blog hohoho~ Here's my 'latest' drawing..well sorta...I havent been drawing that much lately anyway T^T" 


TADA~ hope you guys like it! I've always wanted to draw this type ..u know the zaman dulu clothes~ long hair guys ~~ and i didn't plan to draw this at first anyway just somehow turns out this way :'DD ..It was supposed to be a girl+ wind+ wuff wuff hair+ cool face HAHAHA!! Soo that long hair girl turned out like some long hair guy so i went with the flow and yeahh TADA!

Idk what to name this i just flower lol..

I will try harder and practice more and IMPROOOVEEEE~~ YOSHH GOGOGO!