Sunday, November 20, 2016

Being put together by God

 Good Morning guys! Long time no see!! I named this blog ' My Pace' for the very right reason. Indeed updating blog at my very own pace hahahaha. One of the reasons that ' triggered ' me to write this post is because I just attended my seniors graduation ceremony and I'm soo overwhelmed by them 'feeelssssss' right now.

First of all, congratulations to all my seniors who've successfully graduated! Congratulations to my helpful roommate and chinese translator Miss Bear Yoong lmao. 

Also my senior Sandy. 1 of the very few person that I could talk from morning till night HAHA.

Also congratulations to the seniors from very first fine art batch to graduate! 

  Congratulations to you too Alyssa!! Sorry couldn't get any picture with you. I don't know about you guys but I felt so sad for those people that came alone without the parents here while seeing the surrounding filled with proud and happy parents. I know some of you don't really care lol. 

  Anyway, my college is well known for students all looking like a potato and zombies but today suddenly got so many pretty and handsome ppl and Im really just like what!? What happened to all the potatos and zombies!? Where all these rich students come from man. 

 After that, me, jieyin and claire just stood at the corner and chat about our graduation since seeing our senior graduate. Time pass so fast and I'm already a third year student in my college. That means I'll be graduating like next year. 1 year is quite short. 

  Then I thought of after graduation, going off with our separate ways, not seeing those usual faces anymore. It just really hit me right in the face. I get really attached to things, I think I would feel quite sad and not used to everything for months! So I just felt very sad thinking about it lo and decided to write this post.   

  This might be the first time Im writing about the cf/ christian fellowship, the most official club that I joined in my college. haha 

PS: Before attending my senior's graduation in the afternoon, I just came back from a Weekend Away with my college friends from Christian Fellowship~  ( which explains all the picture below XD ) 

  I realized I've been taking so many things for granted thinking that things would last but in reality, it's just a short time. Then I thought of my 'wonderful' times studying in The One Academy. Then I realized the best thing about my college life was being a part of the Christian Fellowship.Those weekly meetings on Wednesday night was tiring yet wonderful, fulfilling and worthwhile.  I just realized that the CF played such an important role in my life, THATS WHY I FEEL SO SAD ABOUT ME GRADUATING! 

  Then I thought about not seeing any of their faces during usual weekly Wednesdays anymore.

planning birthday surprises,

eating cake celebrating birthday together 

 praying for each other

praising and worshiping together 

saying random lame jokes

 The thought of not doing all these usual things together as often anymore....THIS BREAKS MY HEART LOL! ( haha the pic quite ngam, ok shouldn't joke, trying to be sad here ) 

 Now that I realized it, I am just so so grateful and really thank God that He's lead me to joined the Christian Fellowship. My only regret it is that I didn't join it sooner. I'm so grateful to meet all these very dedicated friends that share the same passion and love for God. It has been such a wonderful time!! I really appreciate it!! Not just the faces in this picture, also those seniors that already graduated from cf hahahahaa. 


  My college life would've been super dull and boring. I would've been quite depressed and lonely. thats why THANK GOD FOR CF! Cf is my source of joy too haha. To be honest, I used to really hate my college life. I hate the classes, the surrounding, the environment.

  It's abit embarrassing to say this but I kept looking at my past that I refused to properly embrace my present. People may not see it but that is just really what I feel everyday for the past few months.  Always just complaining, being grumpy and unhappy about everything. Just only the middle of this semester that I'm really able to really think more positive. Im so much happier this semester. Really Thank God for leading me out of that murky place and my best friend Ranesha for slapping me ( not literal ) awake and come to my senses and those people that gave me advises along the way.

   Once again I'm really just so grateful to God for allowing me to see things so differently from how I did for the past few months. There is so much joy, peace, love and happiness everyday . Most of the time 'bad' days don't even get to me as much as it used to be. Everyday is filled with miracles from God! If it's not God then I don't know what is.

( OH for those who knows Amos, you will feel something is different on his face HAHAHA I was just feeling random k...anyway I got his girlfriend's permission lmaoo )

 God has helped me so much! God has been so faithful and merciful to me. I just thank Him for all of these blessings!!! And since God has cleared my heart, so many things began to change for me. I can hear His voice so well and I've never felt so close to Him in such a looonggg time! I feel more hopeful, I look forward to my walk with Him. Thank you for the miracles You bring everyday without fail! 

   Anyway I must really cherish and appreciate my last year in college and my time in christian fellowship. Thank You Jesus for bringing all of us together! Mabel used to tell us enjoy college life while you still can. haha indeed. 
  My college's christian fellowship is actually quite small and is made up of students from totally different backgrounds and majors! Some are seniors and juniors. My college only have 1 graduation ceremony per year sooo as long as your last semester end within that 1 year ( beginning or middle ) all will be pushed to end of the year, ALL OF US ARE GRADUATING TOGETHER!! HAHHAHA OMG!! Oh cool is like sekali gus lehh ...then we all wear those funny robes together hahaha...

  Lastly, after we graduate, I just hope that all of us will be able to gather together at least once a year laa....and that we won't completly lose contact lor... TvT. Actually what I wrote feel so cheesy leh haihz now I'm thinking if I should post anot...abit shy leh hahahaha . 

-pictures all credits to whoever used my camera haha but mostly Spade and jieyin XD 

OK LASTLY FOR REAL....for those students studying in the one academy and are looking for a life or way out.......THE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP IS YOUR 1 STOP SOLUTION! JENG JENG!  >>open every wednesday from 6.00pm-8.30pm



Friday, July 1, 2016

Yasmin At Kong Heng: Moving On

 Morning everyone! If you're not aware, I recently had another group exhibition ( with my classmates and seniors ) in Ipoh @Yasmin Ahmad museum also known as Yasmin At Kong Heng

I just had to post this picture in extra large way so you guys can see my name on the banner hahahaha

 Our exhibition in themed Moving On. I'm sure all of you know what it means. Yasmin used to say she didn't want people remember her but to remember her works and the values in each of her works. That's why we're here to continue her legacy in hopes that her values and spirit would live on. 

 To my fellow readers who are in Ipoh, if you're free this weekends do make a trip down to the Yasmin museum right behind Kong Heng! Actually it is located in between Kong Heng restaurant and the Container Hotel. The exhibition is extended until 3rd of July aka this Sunday aka this weekends will be your last chance!!! DON'T MISS IT.  

Who is Yasmin Ahmad

  She is a late Malaysian film director, writer and script writer. Also very well known for her touching and meaningful ads for Petronas. She's a very inspiring person with a big heart. This museum in Kong Heng is run by dedicated volunteers in memory of her, in hopes of continuing her legacy. 

  Few months ago, the museum had invited my college (fine art department) to have an exhibition at the museum. At first when I heard we're gonna have a group exhibition in Ipoh I was like.. HAH? really ahh!?!?! How convenient because Ipoh is my hometown! Since then I started making excuses to balik kampung all the time xD

  So on February together with my course mates and lecturers, we made a short weekend trip down to Ipoh to check out the museum space and also this awesomely famous town in Malaysia called IPOH. That was also my first class trip outside Selangor/KL . I know I love to balik kampung all the time but it feels so funny because it's like I'm going on a class trip to my home.

 Then they were like ' Andrea you from Ipoh mah show us around la !! ' Where this where that , I was like...omg pai seh...I don't really know how to show them around, I don't really walk around town or do exploration. So, there were alot of places which they visited the first time in Ipoh , was actually my first time too. HAHAHA 

Our first time visiting the Yasmin museum, checking out the space. ( from here, you can see the what the space looks like before our exhibition )

After checking out Ipoh and everything, we started developing on our ideas and artworks during the given months. We then made our second trip down to Ipoh on 27th May, a day before the launching of our exhibition to set up our artworks at that space. Our lecturers transported the artworks for us from KL.

It was a really busy setting up day. We had to move all the display to different places. It was quite alot of hardwork.

Most of the displays were hanged using strings so we had to climb pretty high up when we wanted to adjust and move the displays. 

By the time we finished setting up it was already night time and we're all pretty much dying of hunger. 

The next day, finally it's the opening day of our exhibition!! Most of us came pretty early to do final touch ups. While waiting for visitors to come, we just chilled and took alot of pictures. 

You know what, all of us looked really messed up the day before our exhibition and now we looked very well maintained with *shing shing* effect HAHA. 


A few hours later, visitors started coming and we had a group students from another college visiting the museum. 

Our lecturer starting making speech and explanations to the audience and he later invited us ( the artist ) to one by one explain our artworks. LOL.

It's so funny because in the mornng we're all like so chill and suddenly all of us started being really nervous. Some of them came to me and was like oh my hands are shaking. oh crap my hands are getting really sweaty. Even though it's funny, I was pretty nervous too @@ . Seeing us funny funny like this, my lecturer's wife started calming us down and gave us advise. When she try to cheer us up, it's like *shing shing* all the angelic effect. TvT

 Before the first group of students left, they got shouted at by their lecturer for not listening and making so much noise, just like those high school moments. It's quite embarrassing though to do this when there's outsider or people from other college around ( us ) so actually hor, I think I should not be writing this HAHA . Then I wonder if my lecturers feel happy that they never had to do this to us LOLOLOL. Since we're good students after all 

Later on, another group of people came to visit our exhibition. They're artist as well and it's actually only a few of them. Not as many as the first group so not as nervous already.

and there's me explaining about my artwork. 

Me and my artwork! My artwork needs audience to participate in it so I can only have or know the final outcome after the exhibition ends. Don't fret!!  I'll make another post about my artwork. I'll explain everything in that post SOON. I'm very excited to see the final outcome haha. 

Besides that, my group of friends from college came to visit. I was really touched ( i think they sick and tired of hearing me keep on saying this already)  that they were willing to drive all the way down from KL to Ipoh to come and support. When I told them about the exhibition in Ipoh they were like okeh we go Ipoh support you! I thought they were joking but no, I'm just like omg really ah?

Then my best friends from Ipoh also came to support me hohoho. Thank you so much guys for coming! I really appreciate it. 


Here are some pictures of the artworks being exhibited. 

ps I didn't post all of the artworks here so you may check out our fb album if you're interested. OR MAYBE drop by @YasminMuseum  this weekends! Last 2 days


That's a wrap!! Everything turned out really well. Another good fight! Thank God for another great experience!!!!  and of course thank you to my lecturers for helping us out all the way!! It's a great honor to have an exhibition and create inspired by late Yasmin Ahmad.

We're on The Star newspaper last week! You may read it from here too. But it's a little disappointing that they used the wrong group picture ( some of the people in the picture are not the artist for this exhibition, some of the artist are not in the picture and it is not taken in the Yasmin museum ) Also they misquote the context of my friend's artwork, they got her name wrong as well lol. 



In the afternoon, after the guest left , we visited 2 art space in Batu Gajah. 1 of them is called Kapal Lorek while another is called Kotak Hitam. Their art was pretty impressive! Then we took group pictures. 

So, while we're taking this group picture, I just said to Sandy,

Me: Oh damn I think I blinked
Sandy: oh.....that's okay, It doesn't matter whether you blinked or not. ( I have slit eyes )

YUP. I TOTALLY FEEL THE BURN GUYS. #lifeasmatasepet =____=" 
But then after the picture is out, I realized like wow...IT REALLY DOESN'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Sandy was right!!! Then it hit me time I don't have to worry if I blinked or not in a picture. OMG I'VE FOUND MY HIDDEN TALENT GUYS !!!  #themoreismilethelessisee.


PS: I did not take some of those pictures,The credits appears when you hover your mouse on the pictures.

So, I asked Elise to pass me some of the pictures from her side...

wow.......thanks elise =___=