Friday, November 30, 2012

I created a DA account~!

HELLO THERE! I finally created a Deviant Art account for myself  last week :'DD Yeahh i know im really slow and outdated! There's still alot of things i dont understand there though ;_; but do check it out ;D ~!

I thought nobody is gona care about me there and my art wont get any views of followers BUT some people actually fav my art and become my watchers! T_T_T_T__T Im so happy even though its not that much :'DD hahaha thank you~! :D

AND AND PEOPLE IN DA ARE SO KIND AND FRIENDLY T_T_T_T !!! I thought imma get ignored there :'D but they layan me even though i ask stupid question T_T

Random pic of my raspberry~! heh i love all berry things! hahha 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Me ?

Hello..I finally decided to write a post about myself! haha Well I didn't really write anything about myself in this blog and yeahh FINALLY! Um...where should i start? o,o

Im known as Drea Aimee.. my real name is Andrea Kok Shan Tian~ I'm just a typical 16 year old girl made in Malaysia...

I've been blogging since i was primary till now LOL and i really love blogging @@" but that time i was just a private blogger till 1 year ago around this time when i decided to make my own public blog hahaha. I  actually crap alot in my private blog so I'm resisting not to crap so much here T_T 

Drawing is my passion... I started drawing manga style characters around middle of last year? So that means I've been drawing for almost 1 and a half years now. That's why my drawings are still not that good and it seems that i can only draw head shot characters T_T_T_T. Have to add oil !! 

Reality I'm a super awkward person and really hard to get along with  T_T ...I wish i could be more sociable though haha....

Oh and in case you don't know, I look like this

I guess that's all o,o

Saturday, November 17, 2012

17 November 12

Went hangout with my Tst friends at Aeon todayy~!!! Finally!! Had been stuck at home ever since school holiday started T_T_T... Watched pitch perfect and it was awesome!! You guys should watch hohoho! Some parts in the movie seriously very funny!!! HAHAHA!! Laugh die us! After movies, we camwhored a lil in the toilet LOLOLOL 

Ranesha with her new hair style~! When i saw her i was like HOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! coz before that she don't have bangs one. 

nic and ky~!

and this is ky in camwhore mood~ 

 and of course, me~ hahaha

group pics~

HAHAHA!! me with blue exorcist DVD~ Nicole borrow me this anime DVD for almost half a year now HAHAHA and i finally took it out few days ago and start watching it...just finished it so i wanted to pass it to kar yan and so ngam she was holding the camera so i was like OHH KYKY HELP ME TAKE. HAHAHA so random!! I love this anime!! So awesome T_T_T_T You guys should watch it T_T

oh and nicole randomly joins in HAHAHA!! 

After that before going home, we go eat at the steamboat shop beside sushi king~!  Thats all for today! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Colourless Rose

Ohai! Here's the process of a drawing i did few months ago for a competition themed lolita but unfortunetly my drawing dint win ! T_T_T_T So...was quite disappointed -______-"  Ohh well. ~and i got the background idea from my senior Kid-kun~! So credits to him haha.  


so um this is a stupid version where i randomly coloured it in sai when i was too bored few months ago hahaha! 

See ya! 

Friday, November 9, 2012


Hello hello!! Here's another 1 of my latest. Just finished inking this yesterday! Woahh its been really long since the last time i ink the whole thing ( as in including the background ) and inking something detailed

PS: This is not my character. The OC belongs to my awsome senpai Kid-kun~! :D . His drawing is super amazing!!! And to me his OC design is the best i've ever seen !! His OC drawing is seriously detailed and nice!! I really salute him/her ~!!!! He can draw it for so many times T_T_T . 

I was so bored!! So i randomly browse through my stack of papers and then i found Kid-kun's drawing~! So i decided to draw her haha...

Okayy here's a walk through of my drawing~

Sketching~~ ( i honestly never thought this drawing would work out haha ) 

Inking~ ( Crap : for the 'first layer' of inking, i always use a pen with a really thin nib ) 


Scanned it into comp. Sry the leg cut off already haha, my scanner too small :x

Edited it using Meitu and then touch up using Sai. 

and yepp!! That's Kid-kun's OC !!  Ink until i so heartattack esp her dress part. 
Its the first time i do full body inking!!!!!!!! Yeahh!! So, sorry if her body is out of shape or anything or problems with her leg. I finally did something that isn't head shot!! T_T_T_T 

Oh yeah! This OC name is Heilig~ 

For those who always ask what pens i use, so here's what i use for this drawing!
- pilot markers
-pilot white pen
-pilot G-tech
-artline (drawing system)
-liquid paper

I can do a post about all the pens i use for my drawing if you guys really wana know o.o So um feel free to send me request or feedbacks haha~