Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ranesha's birthday 2~

I drew Ranesha something as her birthday present but its kinda not what i expected actually T_T .... Cant wait to give it to her after holidays! Here's the process..

I have a hand
You have another
Put it together
We have each other. 

and a birthday card!! :D:D I tried doing a big 1 for her like other people usually do but i not so good in making cards ==" Sorry it looks kinda weird in pictures haha

oh well! Hope she likes it! :D

Ranesha's birthday!

Hello! Havent been blogging for awhile now. Went hang out with my tst friends on 29.5 to celebrate Ranesha's birthday~!! hahaha! Then after that we go her house and sleep over but then i cant sleep over T^T sadd! But im looking forward to our nx sleep over party! :D:D Ohh Let the pictures do the talking! Took those pictures from Yin Jie~~ Credits to Yin Jie !


And then there's me! 

After that we go arcade and play games! HAHAHA!! Play duno wad pirate game until so 'chi gik' play until me and nicole hand red red LOL!! hahah sweat we go take this pic...but our hands looks normal here though

HAHA the pirate game i was talking about.

Too bored..nothing to do lol! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Berry Berrylicious!

hello hello!! Went Aeon with my family that day and guess what i bought!!!! :D:D:D:D LE FOX'S BERRY BERRY FLAVOR CANDIES~!~!!!!! So berry berrylicious!!! HAHAHA!! Really nice 1 ah!! Last time Ipoh dun have sell this flavor 1 ah...So when i go Aeon and saw that i was like *_* .....You guys should try hahaha!! Oh yeahh Im a big fan of candies!! (Y) >:)

AHAHAHHAHA!! Then yesterday bought a strawberry flavor perfume!! Not exactly perfume but its like perfume lah HAHA!! When i spray spray WAHHH I FEEL LIKE EATING MYSELF!!! I SMELLY LIKE ..........CANDIES AND BERRIES!! KFEO[JKG[EWKG[EWK[GEW!!! FUU FUUU!! (Y) (Y) (Y) HAHAHAHA

Scared i very fast finish my berry berry D: So i man man eat HAHAHA!! Have to control o.o...I can eat a whole packet of candies in 1 day! :DD

AHAHAHAHA took this when i was highing with the berries and started speaking some berry language lol @@


Sorry i just love candies so much  T_T_T especially Fox's berries, this is 1 of my favorite hahaha !! I feel so sad when i dont have candies with me ._. HAHAH I always have some candies with me where ever i go o.o. hahaha how can you not love sweet stuff especially candies? :'D 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Secret Base

Our meeting was,
One moment, on the way home at the intersection
You spoke to me, '' Let's walk together''
I hid my face with my bag 
But for real, i was very very happy






Ah, the wind blows along with the time
Being happy, having fun
We went on many adventures too
Inside our secret base


Dint really put an effort in drawing this coz i lazy draw properly so abit cacat :x . Oh i actually did this, some how according to the lyrics of a song but kinda fail HAHAHAHA!! Coz i was so bored and dunno wad to draw. I really like this song though!! :D:D