Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Taiwan Trip. Day:1

Hihi guys!! Just came back from my trip to Taiwan few weeks ago! there are many things I want to write about my Taiwan trip and I don't know where to start .

I love Taiwan but it feels so good to be home. Why? Because EVERYONE in Taiwan speaks Chinese and nobody speaks English or Cantonese ==. I had such a hard time communicating with other people. YEAH the super sad moment when you're a CHINESE who DOESN'T EVEN KNOW how to speak Chinese =U=. Can you imagine my whole trip in Taiwan ...all I hear and see is just...CHING CHANG PLANG PLUNG!!! *sad case* OTLLL

Honestly most of the time I don't even know which part of Taiwan I'm in because the tour guide can only speak chinese so yeah...I don't know what he's talking about all the time lol. Sorry tour guide ._.

>> Oh yeahh sorry if the pics are a bit different since i used different apps in my phone to snap them ^^ <<

selfie in the bus before reaching KLIA~

Camwhore-ed a lil before take off ! The flight was midnight and it was so dreadful == I can't even sleep a wink and MAS food is HORRIBLE. 

Once again sat at the middle side of the plane =u=" 

ps: Taiwan and Malaysia has the same time zone but 6:00 am in Taiwan is like 9:00 am in Malaysia! Early in the morning already so bright! 

After the reached Taiwan the tour guide took us here for breakfast! and after our breakfast we had to sit another few hours to reach our destination. It was so damn tiring because the whole day I just SIT SIT SIT AND SIT! SIT TILL BUTT OPEN BIG FLOWER! ( cantonese proverbs lol ) 


The tour guide then took us to visit this huge garden. Pretty flowers every where! Gardeners are so amazing. 

Selfies with le flowers lol

these flowers looks like they are so busy talking with each other LOLOLOL 

After that we had our lunch here~~ 

After a few more hours of sitting on the bus~ We took ferry to visit the Cijin Island~~ 

hahaha waiting for the ferry to arrive that time...was seriously worn out x_x 

At that time I feel like I'm in running man LOLOL!! In 1 day I sat on aeroplane, car, bus and even ferry hahaha 

The ferry was like 5-10 minutes ride only~ 

Selfie in da ferryyyy~~ 

finally reacheddd~~ walked around the lively street in Cijin and went hunting for FOOODDD

#mission accomplished HAHAHAH . This fried squid here is pretty DELICIOUS!
It was so damn windy! Blow until my hair fly fly everywhere

Almost 1 and a half hours later, we sat the ferry again to head back to our bus, ate dinner at a random place ( no pictures ) WHY!? because the food was SO HORRIBLE and I was too tired to even take a picture 

I saw this building outside the restaurant where we ate our dinner.  ' CURRY DICTIONARY ' haha I'm really curious what's this building supposed to be lmao!! I guess this building has ALL the information about curry lololol. So if you want to know the history of curry, how is curry made and all, just visit this building. 

AND LOOK AT THIS BUILDING NEXT TO CURRY DICTIONARY!! Is this a hotel? It looks so cute  and funny hahaha.