Friday, June 29, 2012

Amanda's Sweet 16

Went to Amanda's sweet 16 birthday party that day at the secret garden. It was awesome! Some of them performed, singing, dancing, playing violin and all...Ranesha and Nicole sang ..and and i did a signature board for her! :D:D Glad that she likes it :D :D ~! Here are some pictures stolen from Sabrina :P Let the pictures do the talking then...

Me and my Tst family~

Birthday cake~

The signature board ! Sorry for the bad quality of this picture though.

oh well....not much pictures of me la hahaha most of the pictures that have my face in it are with Ranesha's camera haha!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

WIP: Signature Board

Going to Amanda's sweet sixteenth birthday party later!!! Helping her to do her birthday signature board! Hoho im glad i could help out :D:D!  

Tada!! Its half way done!! Left the wordings and decoration for upper part...Stupid markers !! giving me such a hrd time last night..Ink until i wan throw my marker and flip table LOLOLOL. Oh well cant wait to get it done ! Hope she likes it! :D 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Star Walk

Had been so busy these days!! Went Starwalk that day with my friends. I've always loved going to starwalk!  ( its like walk for about 7km along with 15k++ other people?? ) I dont know why but yeah hahahaha some of you will be like '' WALK OSO FUN!! WHAT IS THIS!! " Bla bla~

Me sitting down with some kids. HAHA i feel like a kid!

Drew this on my starwalk shirt with permanent markers! HAHAHA! and i helped me friend drew 1 too ( sorry dont have the picture here) its a chibi guy holding a camera or something hahaha since her shirt was printed with ''canon'' word. 

Surprisingly my drawing caught alot of attention (  i dint expect that @@  because i thought it would be really normal since i think many people oso draw ) I noticed them pointing pointing at my back LOLOL and 1 of them even shouted '' LOOK LOOK AT HER BUTT'' LOLOLOLOL!!! And some even asked me how i did it. 

Oh well im happy they liked my drawing! :D :D Ohhh yeahh if you want, i can draw for you ( nx year starwalk or anything ) ( im taking in request ) maybeeee..see first bah @@ Message me in fb? 

My friend's drawing :D

Friday, June 15, 2012

Green Bluee

I drew this guy long time few months already but now only posted it hahaha! Coz i love this drawing so i wana transfer this drawing from my phone to computer, edit nice nice then only post....coz if straight away post from'll it up the quality of the picture of my drawing HAHAHAHA! 

So finally *transfer*edit*  I just wana edit the lighting. After i fin dy i go click some of the effect for fun and this came out....





WAS SO SHOCKEDDD!!! THE POWER OF EDIT! LOLOLOLOL!!! The colour looks soooo reall~!~!!kf[ewkge[gkew[gkew[gpewk[wtik[w SO NICE THE COLOUR T.T..T.T!! Shall explore blue colours next time!!! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vietnam Trip

Hello! I recently just came back from Vietnam hahaha.. Went there with my father's friends and family.

 duno why EVERY SINGLE TIME..i oso get the seat in the middle of the plane -.- which can see the wings lo which i cannot take pic of the cloud properly -.- EVERY SINGLE TIME I TELL U!!! Not even once i sit at the place where i cant see this wings LOL!

Air Asia really sucks!! You know of all seats i got the 1 that cannot adjust backwards 1. I cant even sleep and sit until my back so pain!!

Then finally reached! Check in and Then we go eat at a restaurant beside the beach...

Taking pictures after eating....At first we're like this beach no people 1 BUT when we go outside and look left and right... ( some pics i take using my phone and camera so it look abit different )

I was like #mother of god!!! LOLOL AND I REALLY THOUGHT NO PEOPLE!! BUT U SEE!!! PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA !!! so many people until they all look like dots in the pic!!!! LOLOLOL!!

AND THE NEXT DAYYYY!! (view from my hotel )

We go 'bana hills' LOL! Have to take cable car go up 1! And i always thought it was banana hills LOLOLOLOL!! Before we go take the cable car, outside got 1 musical fountain 1!! So niceee o.o

ITS WAS SO HOT AND SUNNY THAT DAY!! Waiting for the tour guide to buy cable car tickets...The tour guide said when go up there very cold so i wore this!! but its not that cold oso! so regret wearing until i wan die

Me and dunno wad is this...Then we go inside and queue up to go in the cable car..SO MANY PPL AND SO PACKED!!! AND SO SWEATY OMG!!! Queued for half an hour!! I wan go crazy already somemore i wear like this -.-...The person standing in front of me got big sweat smell T_T I duno how i breathe LOLOLOL!! 


20 minutes plus on the cable car ..actually that time i oso duno why we go bana hills..

FINALLY REACHEDDD!! Then we take group photo but then need to take van go higher!!! To see this o.o

Its like Highlands like that its misty and all...

 another group pic...After that we go take another cable car to go HIGHERRR!! and had lunch there. Higher there got something like Genting highlands games and all that and its called *fantasy park* but that 1 not that nice....Its like for kids 1

I wan play those arcade games but need tokens so i go change token and i duno anything i just put a note inside the token machine and it come out non stop the token..i was so shocked and scared like wahhhh when izzit going to stop!??! Stopped at 40 tokens. LOL! So i faster go play until i wan crazy..and faster give some to jacklyn they all...==" In the end still cannot finish it LOLOLOL

Went back to the hotel . View at night~

We went to 'My Son'  village which is last time ruled by history history thingy all that ( i cant believe i have to learn about history even when im in vietnam ). LOL! This is their traditional dance ~

Then after the performance we walk here and take pic..It is built by -i forgot- and then got Siva Vishu Brahmin things ( sorry i havent start reading my history yet ) 

Le me with those thousand years ago ruins. It was so hot and sunny!!!!

Then they drove us to another place

To see another big buddha statue ( not this pic )

Had lunch at a boat designed restaurant..

Um...Vietnam food is kindaweird..but ok la

Then we went to a silk making factory..There you can see how silk is made and all...This is the craving side..The people there is seriously talented!!! The silk part hor..They can sew everything and all kinds of thing!! they can sew portrait, sunset pictures...Example u give them 1 sunset picture...and then they can sew out EXACTLY wads in the picture...Seriously nice but they say cannot take picture...So no picture~

At night we go dinner and got performance there @@...They play the song so nice!

The girl dance...she dance so nice!! and she so fair and pretty!!!!!


At night we go 23rd floor (highest floor of the hotel) and eat dessert..bla bla 

On last day we go marble factory/shop see  things? this chair so nice..Its all hand made ( all the things behind oso) So amazing..I saw them making it

HAHA i cant help but take pic of it!! THEY LOOK LIKE SOME DELICIOUS BALLS OF CANDIES!!! SEE!! SO SHINY!! T.T..T.T. and they also look like some things like in the anime that give out powers HAHAHAHA

Then we go Hoi An...and there got sell snake wine!! so eeyer right!! 

AIYERRR!! Me rilakuma umbrella photoboom. HAHAHA 

woah this is a hotel u know!!

This is actually a bridge built by Japanese last time 

FLYING BACK HOME!! It was so damn sunny == 

Still on the plane!

AIRPORT!!! FINALLY!! We had to walk so far away omg @@" Sit AirAsia until i so headache coz got the food smell all over and the air con not cold and its very packed 



p/s: Vietnam;DaNang ( the place i visited ) has no shopping mall at all.