Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Star Walk

Had been so busy these days!! Went Starwalk that day with my friends. I've always loved going to starwalk!  ( its like walk for about 7km along with 15k++ other people?? ) I dont know why but yeah hahahaha some of you will be like '' WALK OSO FUN!! WHAT IS THIS!! " Bla bla~

Me sitting down with some kids. HAHA i feel like a kid!

Drew this on my starwalk shirt with permanent markers! HAHAHA! and i helped me friend drew 1 too ( sorry dont have the picture here) its a chibi guy holding a camera or something hahaha since her shirt was printed with ''canon'' word. 

Surprisingly my drawing caught alot of attention (  i dint expect that @@  because i thought it would be really normal since i think many people oso draw ) I noticed them pointing pointing at my back LOLOL and 1 of them even shouted '' LOOK LOOK AT HER BUTT'' LOLOLOLOL!!! And some even asked me how i did it. 

Oh well im happy they liked my drawing! :D :D Ohhh yeahh if you want, i can draw for you ( nx year starwalk or anything ) ( im taking in request ) maybeeee..see first bah @@ Message me in fb? 

My friend's drawing :D

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