Sunday, October 28, 2012

High School Guys.


IM SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU GUYS MY LATEST DRAWING!! For the past few days, i dont really have the mood or inspiration to draw haha and then my friend suggested to me to draw something like handsome high school guys and draw few characters in 1 go ( since my current maximum is actually 2 LOL )  SO DING DING DING! 

First sketch. did this last last night like 12 something!! 

Then next morning woke up and continue! I changed the face of the guy at the most left and correct some mistakes..and the most left guy that i changed looks much more handsome than the 1st sketch! hahaha




I changed the specs guy's clothes 

Then i scanned it to computer then edited it using meitu. After that did some touch up using Sai :D

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! NICE OR NOT!? im so sorry if i edited it to bright!!

I was planning to make these 5 my know give them names and all!! But then it's really hard to give them nice names since im really bad at figuring out names and making decisions what i wana name them lol... I wana draw a nice nice comic about them but i dont think i can since im not that pro yet T_T_T_T kinda sad ...and I dint copy them from anywhere...They are my original :O 

MY FIRST TIME DO SO MANY CHARACTERS IN 1 GO! its kinda hard since im not used to drawing so many and.. I DID TRY TO SHRINK THEM!!! But cant!!! I really tried to draw them smaller T_T_T_T but im too used to drawing big...Thats why my paper also not enough space! *sigh* 

woah i cant believe i got it done so fast and straight away blog about it after i done!! normally i'm always in tortoise mood !! Sorry if it sucks, the hands, fingers, body and all that D: I'm still not good at them ): ..sorry there's alot of mistakes in it :C but i hope u guys like it T_T I will try harder next time!!! >< 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

26 Oct 2012

Went hang out with my Tst friends in Aeon yesterday and watched Ted! Ted is AWESOME!!! Seriously funny hahahaha!! You guys should watch it too!! Its like action, adventure, touching sad sad parts, love etc etc all in 1 go! So watching this movie is like 3 in 1 ( if u get what i mean :P )

Okayy let the pictures do the talking then~ :D

and there we are at our usual cam whoring spot!

After watching Ted, we walked around and saw Ted in the shop and we were like OMG ITS TEDD!! LET'S TAKE PIC!! Soo i wanted to take too but it was too late coz the workers noticed and chased us out of the shop gave us the 'NO TAKING PICTURES ALLOWED' stare lol 

after that ran and nic went to take pic with purikura!! Their purikura pics is really awesome!! But i only have those sneak peek purikura pics with me o.o"

(sorry my finger LOL ) 

I didn't really take much picture of myself haha coz i wore too simple and not in the mood so yea~~

Thursday, October 18, 2012

High School Couple? o.o

Hihi! haven't been blogging for awhile hahaha! Busy watching so many anime now!! and omg la!! This month got so many new anime and all also so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe now i waiting for my another anime to load so i'll post some stuff~

Here's a drawing i did quite long ago ( few months? ) I havent post it except in instagram haha! So here's the process!

If you wana know, this is the pen i use for all my lineart! (Art Line , Drawing System )  But of course i got use others also la! hmm this pen is not cheap but at least its affordable T_T_T $$~ lololol maybe i should write a post about the pens i use for my drawings nvm la too lazy. 

and tadaaa~!~!!

OH YEAHH!! and and this was the first time for me doing a couple drawing properly and look like really couple? o.oand kinda the first time me doing a proper line art of 2 characters together ( coz i dont usually draw 2 characters together, even if i did, its all sketchy and dint do properly  ) So its like that time when this drawing is still new,everytime i open my sketch book i will like *SHING SHING SHING* at this drawing hahahaha!! But now no more shing shing dy. 

Please ignore the cacat part and the mistakes in this drawing :O  

Just realized that i have alot more of my drawings which i never posted the process of it~! Gonna post them when i uhh...not lazy~ hahaha! Stay tuned~!~!! :D