Thursday, October 18, 2012

High School Couple? o.o

Hihi! haven't been blogging for awhile hahaha! Busy watching so many anime now!! and omg la!! This month got so many new anime and all also so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe now i waiting for my another anime to load so i'll post some stuff~

Here's a drawing i did quite long ago ( few months? ) I havent post it except in instagram haha! So here's the process!

If you wana know, this is the pen i use for all my lineart! (Art Line , Drawing System )  But of course i got use others also la! hmm this pen is not cheap but at least its affordable T_T_T $$~ lololol maybe i should write a post about the pens i use for my drawings nvm la too lazy. 

and tadaaa~!~!!

OH YEAHH!! and and this was the first time for me doing a couple drawing properly and look like really couple? o.oand kinda the first time me doing a proper line art of 2 characters together ( coz i dont usually draw 2 characters together, even if i did, its all sketchy and dint do properly  ) So its like that time when this drawing is still new,everytime i open my sketch book i will like *SHING SHING SHING* at this drawing hahahaha!! But now no more shing shing dy. 

Please ignore the cacat part and the mistakes in this drawing :O  

Just realized that i have alot more of my drawings which i never posted the process of it~! Gonna post them when i uhh...not lazy~ hahaha! Stay tuned~!~!! :D

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