Sunday, October 28, 2012

High School Guys.


IM SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU GUYS MY LATEST DRAWING!! For the past few days, i dont really have the mood or inspiration to draw haha and then my friend suggested to me to draw something like handsome high school guys and draw few characters in 1 go ( since my current maximum is actually 2 LOL )  SO DING DING DING! 

First sketch. did this last last night like 12 something!! 

Then next morning woke up and continue! I changed the face of the guy at the most left and correct some mistakes..and the most left guy that i changed looks much more handsome than the 1st sketch! hahaha




I changed the specs guy's clothes 

Then i scanned it to computer then edited it using meitu. After that did some touch up using Sai :D

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! NICE OR NOT!? im so sorry if i edited it to bright!!

I was planning to make these 5 my know give them names and all!! But then it's really hard to give them nice names since im really bad at figuring out names and making decisions what i wana name them lol... I wana draw a nice nice comic about them but i dont think i can since im not that pro yet T_T_T_T kinda sad ...and I dint copy them from anywhere...They are my original :O 

MY FIRST TIME DO SO MANY CHARACTERS IN 1 GO! its kinda hard since im not used to drawing so many and.. I DID TRY TO SHRINK THEM!!! But cant!!! I really tried to draw them smaller T_T_T_T but im too used to drawing big...Thats why my paper also not enough space! *sigh* 

woah i cant believe i got it done so fast and straight away blog about it after i done!! normally i'm always in tortoise mood !! Sorry if it sucks, the hands, fingers, body and all that D: I'm still not good at them ): ..sorry there's alot of mistakes in it :C but i hope u guys like it T_T I will try harder next time!!! >< 

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