Friday, March 4, 2016

A 'lil' update

   Yoyo my readers! I'm finally back again, for a very short while. Reason? Wellllllllll I need something from my blog once again HAHA, I needa get some pictures of my past artworks for my upcoming presentation that I'm gonna be doing for my class next week. It has been such a long long time, how's it going everyone!? Hows ya lifeeeeee!!

  Okay I'll write some stuff while I'm at it and while I suddenly have the mood to blog. Wuah Feels kinda nostalgic to be writing here again. ahaha it feels kinda embarrassing to read back my old post and I'm really trying to stop myself from closing this blog down or either deleting everything lmao.

  Cant believe I'll be doing my third year in college soon. Time sure flies. How I'm doing in college ah? hahaha Pretty good I guess. But of course there's a little bit of stress here and there, overall I'm doing pretty fine. Does fine means coming back home with a sour face after class?  No pain no gain lo. Now I shall shamelessly present to you what I did for my previous semester. *show off time* , Well I don't wanna bore you with all my writing mahhh ( excuse to show off )

  TEN TEN TEN TENNNNNN~~~~ aha aha hahhh hahhhh. Can you see the artwork ( scenery ) that's like a puzzle piece on the left! Aiyo so big cannot see meh? Haihz That artwork was my final project and it was a really pain in the ass!!!!!!!!! ( lol yes i had to bold and underline that word ) Goshhh it started out like this

  haha ok sorry my sexy foot is there to show how big it was. SEE ITS ALL BLANK! BLANK MAN. and the thing is, my head is BLANK TOO that time. SO WE ALL JUST BLANK BLANK TOGETHER . Seriously gave me a hard time. Walao I think back oso feel like wan blank head bang head on really so grateful, really thank God WE DID IT!!!! AMEN!

  No it wasn't compulsory that all students in my class should do an artwork with that size/ shape. It was my concept and idea. Before this, I had to rush back to Ipoh to get these stretcher ( the wood thing that holds the canvas aka the pic above ) ready made, JieYin's dad helped me out as well.  haha my dad helped me contacted his friend who is a carpenter and he totally helped me  fix it and also put the canvas on the support. It was a crazy rush but I'm just so thankful to them because everything is FOC! So blessed! Ok la I show you what the stretcher thing I've been talking about looks like was before the canvas was put on it.

     hahaha the funny thing is, I made a sudden trip back to Ipoh just for this, also suddenly kacau my dad about this and my mum drive me here there to carpenter place. My parents keep ngum ngum lo haiya why like this 1!!! so mah fan la !! so last minute la!! aiyoyo chee cheong fan , malai kai . ok maybe not exactly liddat la hahahaha. I never dare to tell them that all these is my idea and its not compulsory. HAHA I hope they no read this lo.

  Why suddenly i got this idea one!? Story time, one night I want to go to sleep and as I ngam ngam lie on bed, this idea pop out like how a bulb explode light up. Ya lo. and also credit to my cf friend who always mention to me ' life is like a puzzle '.

Close up time! Jeng Jeng. This is my biggest piece of artwork in pieces so far. The struggle and suffering of the blank out period makes me even more proud and happy with this artwork *sobs*. At first I'm just like mehhh but sooner I felt like I'm to tired to stress about the flaws and imperfections and justt sobbb I'm just happy and glad enough that I finished it. Thank God for helping me out and giving me all these ideas, for really giving me the strength, patience and endurance. God is good and faithful XD

What's the meaning of this artwork? I hope the description below answer your question.

Title: Seeking.

Life is like a journey of finding your missing puzzles but at the same time, full of uncertainties . When you had only a piece of puzzle with you, you would feel confused, lost and would often be filled with all sorts of unanswered questions. What does it mean? Why did it happen? But as you journey on in life, more and more puzzles would appear and it would give you a bigger picture. That’s when you realize, there is a reason for everything. At the end, all the answers that you’ve been seeking will be found.

  Yes, you notice there's a blank space/ missing puzzle in my artwork right? It's meant to be missing in action .  Well, life is about finding your missing puzzles mah. I'm still searching for my missing puzzles too. If you still don't get it then nvm lo. 

  Woah I so willingly make a long brag post of this artwork. I guess I am proud of it after all. 

  Anyway, I have to do this presentation about myself next week. Sigh sigh sigh!!! I need to find ways to motivate myself. This sounds really stupid but I don't know how to do it because sometimes I don't even know who I really am. Sigh now not only my artwork puzzle pieces missing in action, now pieces of me also missing in action =_= .

 I shall end this post soon since I should get back to figuring out about myself and this presentation =__=. Tell me if you guys wanna know how it goes HAHA . How to end ah? OK how about i show you my photoshop skills ? cool!

Ya lo, I was bored that day so i just photoshop all my hair colour. Cantonese proverb call it butt itchy or hand itchy. 

Tada Me and my awesome friends. Ya lo photoshop all our hair colour. see i can make it so natural right? 

HAHAHAHAHA Ok la sorry I dont know how lame I can get either. I think those are just excuses for me to show off my hair. Yeappp I dyed it half green just a month ago because why not? I've always wanted to try it! woot woot. 

   Worst comment about my unusually cool hair is that, I'd totally get kicked out of the house if i'm her daughter and this crazy act cannot be accepted , from a random stranger. Well don't worry I'm not your daughter and I won't be gettin kicked out of my house anytime soon hahaha . 

  At first my mum is just like aiyo dont do this la waste money le, half only nia, half head full head dye dye same price le ( actually i was charged half price la since half only ma ). but in the end I think she quite like it leh somemore ask the hair stylist do this dark green to her hair nx time.

  My dad pulak, i come back home and he gave me the long silent stare with curved up eyebrows. Its funny coz he no say anything , i just passed by him while i do a really stupid smiley not so guilty face. Then few moments later i pass by him again and we're like let the stare game begin. Ok let me explain what his stare means. ' ma daughter , y u waste money dye half liek dis , omg look at yu now , look like wad le, wad is this, wad is with this generation ppl ' HAHAHAHA then...few hours later he just come to me and like ' ohh, its green, thought it's black. not so waste la then. ok. ' *with acceptance look*  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL. ok. actually i think he no eye see liao la hahahahahaha 

Ok ciaoo Thank you for your time! Good morning XD.