Saturday, February 23, 2013

CNY celebration with friends~!

hello hello!! How was your Chinese New Year ??? Whheee got so many ang paus~!~!! That 1 week holiday was pretty fun!

Went Pai Nin at Nicole's house and took alot of pics HAHA~ Slept over at her house too :D :D

and this is our 'family' picture :D 

Before that we played gamble but i keep losing non stop until i dun wan to play dy =__="

and then we walked over to Wing Yee's boyfriend,  Jiann Ynan's house to pai nin ( since its pretty near from Nicole's house ) and took pictures outside!


Slept over at Nicole's house that night and watched horror movie ._. It was so scary and the ending sucks LOLOLOL!! Then i got too scared to go to the toilet ._. 

The next day we went hang out at Aeon~~ ohh and that day was Valentines Day too~~ Celebrated Valentines Day with my lovely friends~!~!!! Watched Die Hard movie...Omg so many ppl watched movie on that day coz there was a really long queue when we wanted to buy the movie tickets. oh oh Wing Yee's boyfriend was there on that day too XDD


After that the next day, we went pai nin at Wing Yee's house~~ and and her house is awesomee!!!! There's a band room in her house hahaha ~~

haha ranesha and nicole highing and singing karaoke in the band room~

and here's ranesha and Wing Yee doing titanium cover~ :P

and here's Kar Yan le no.1 One Piece fan~  with THE BEAR 

ohh ohhh and here's a recorded video of Wing Yee and Ranesha's titanium cover~!~!! :D :D

After that we watched another horror movie omg ==" the sound system in that room is awesome so it makes it even scarier.....and the ending sucks. 

Had awesome load of fun during those 3 days in a row~ Really fun being with them !! Love them lotss~!!! :D :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First few attempts of digital art~

Hello hello~!!! Happy Chinese New Year guys~!~!!! Yayyy school holidays~~ Sorry for not updating that much..was kinda lazy :'D

Look what my dad got me few weeks ago ~~

TADAAAAAAAAAAAA~!~!! A GRAPHIC TABLETT~!~!!! T_T_T_T~!~!!! I finally got a wacom bamboo pen and touch tablet T_T_T!! Had been wanting it for sooo long!! Thanks alot dad~!! :D :D ..Actually i already had another tablet before that but the pen broke :/ ...that was like many years ago and that tablet brand is Genius and and the pen uses triple A battery LOLOLOL... Yeah if you're planning to buy a graphic tablet, i recommend Wacom brand . 

Seriously this tablet is 100% much more better than my previous genius tablet. 

It was pretty hard getting used to using this tablet ==" and it seriously makes me feel more and more unmotivated to do anything productive with it HAHAHA!! But because i wasted my chance away when i had my genius tablet, i kept forcing myself to make use of this tablet :'D ( yeah i was a stupid kid back then when i had that genius tablet so i just wasted my dad's money away without doing any proper art....feel so regret )

Thanks to my friends who gave me a bunch of tips in using the tablet and those who cheered me on T^T I....did ..THIS!

My first attempt in digital art T_T_T" Ok la i guess...hahaha! Was just a simple practice for me to learn some basics in colouring digitally and this simple actually took me ages =="....and I had like mental break down while doing this LOLOLOLOL!!  I looked through alot of tutorials! Im so grateful to those hard working people who did all those tutorials!!! They are really helpful!

and and here's my second attempt, which i just got it done few hours ago :'D

TADA~! T_T_T_T_T_T__T_T_T_T_T_T MY 2ND SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL ART ATTEMPT ( not like the 1st 1 is that successful anyway since its not even complete ) GKEWP[EWGEW[GWPGKW[GWK[PGWKEP[GKEW!!! I FEEL SO SUCCESS IN THIS 1!! 

OH OH actually the line art belongs to my friend Eddy Melodia . Thanks alot for letting me use your lineart~!!!All i did was the colouring~! Her line art is really amazing !! Do check her out and and she's open for line art commission~! Feel free to commish her~! 

Here's what it originally looks like ( zzz i dk why this stupid blogger thing keep highlighting my post and make it so ugly!! how to click it away 1 =___=)

see!! so nice right her line art !? TvT 

Transform no jutsu~!~! ( sry watched too much naruto :P )

TADAAAAAAAAAA~!!!! Do you guys like it??  I like the hat the most~!~!!!! I really really enjoyed colouring this!! It was seriously fun ( compared to my first seriously feels suckish...i guess it because im starting to get the hang of using graphic tablet now ) 

This really boost up my motivation HAHAHA! I wanted to colour the background too! But i seriously had no idea how ._. *sigh*  and and i wanted to add some colour effect to make it look more *shing shing shing*.....but idk how ._. nvm! I'll explore slowly hahaha...

I think this looks nice because of my friend's lineart...idk how will it look like if i do my own lineart == *facepalm* I tried doing a few lineart but all actually failed...Actually i still not used to drawing using tablet but i guess colouring is okay la...