Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First few attempts of digital art~

Hello hello~!!! Happy Chinese New Year guys~!~!!! Yayyy school holidays~~ Sorry for not updating that much..was kinda lazy :'D

Look what my dad got me few weeks ago ~~

TADAAAAAAAAAAAA~!~!! A GRAPHIC TABLETT~!~!!! T_T_T_T~!~!!! I finally got a wacom bamboo pen and touch tablet T_T_T!! Had been wanting it for sooo long!! Thanks alot dad~!! :D :D ..Actually i already had another tablet before that but the pen broke :/ ...that was like many years ago and that tablet brand is Genius and and the pen uses triple A battery LOLOLOL... Yeah if you're planning to buy a graphic tablet, i recommend Wacom brand . 

Seriously this tablet is 100% much more better than my previous genius tablet. 

It was pretty hard getting used to using this tablet ==" and it seriously makes me feel more and more unmotivated to do anything productive with it HAHAHA!! But because i wasted my chance away when i had my genius tablet, i kept forcing myself to make use of this tablet :'D ( yeah i was a stupid kid back then when i had that genius tablet so i just wasted my dad's money away without doing any proper art....feel so regret )

Thanks to my friends who gave me a bunch of tips in using the tablet and those who cheered me on T^T I....did ..THIS!

My first attempt in digital art T_T_T" Ok la i guess...hahaha! Was just a simple practice for me to learn some basics in colouring digitally and this simple actually took me ages =="....and I had like mental break down while doing this LOLOLOLOL!!  I looked through alot of tutorials! Im so grateful to those hard working people who did all those tutorials!!! They are really helpful!

and and here's my second attempt, which i just got it done few hours ago :'D

TADA~! T_T_T_T_T_T__T_T_T_T_T_T MY 2ND SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL ART ATTEMPT ( not like the 1st 1 is that successful anyway since its not even complete ) GKEWP[EWGEW[GWPGKW[GWK[PGWKEP[GKEW!!! I FEEL SO SUCCESS IN THIS 1!! 

OH OH actually the line art belongs to my friend Eddy Melodia . Thanks alot for letting me use your lineart~!!!All i did was the colouring~! Her line art is really amazing !! Do check her out and and she's open for line art commission~! Feel free to commish her~! 

Here's what it originally looks like ( zzz i dk why this stupid blogger thing keep highlighting my post and make it so ugly!! how to click it away 1 =___=)

see!! so nice right her line art !? TvT 

Transform no jutsu~!~! ( sry watched too much naruto :P )

TADAAAAAAAAAA~!!!! Do you guys like it??  I like the hat the most~!~!!!! I really really enjoyed colouring this!! It was seriously fun ( compared to my first attempt..it seriously feels suckish...i guess it because im starting to get the hang of using graphic tablet now ) 

This really boost up my motivation HAHAHA! I wanted to colour the background too! But i seriously had no idea how ._. *sigh*  and and i wanted to add some colour effect to make it look more *shing shing shing*.....but idk how ._. nvm! I'll explore slowly hahaha...

I think this looks nice because of my friend's lineart...idk how will it look like if i do my own lineart == *facepalm* I tried doing a few lineart but all actually failed...Actually i still not used to drawing using tablet but i guess colouring is okay la... 

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