Saturday, February 23, 2013

CNY celebration with friends~!

hello hello!! How was your Chinese New Year ??? Whheee got so many ang paus~!~!! That 1 week holiday was pretty fun!

Went Pai Nin at Nicole's house and took alot of pics HAHA~ Slept over at her house too :D :D

and this is our 'family' picture :D 

Before that we played gamble but i keep losing non stop until i dun wan to play dy =__="

and then we walked over to Wing Yee's boyfriend,  Jiann Ynan's house to pai nin ( since its pretty near from Nicole's house ) and took pictures outside!


Slept over at Nicole's house that night and watched horror movie ._. It was so scary and the ending sucks LOLOLOL!! Then i got too scared to go to the toilet ._. 

The next day we went hang out at Aeon~~ ohh and that day was Valentines Day too~~ Celebrated Valentines Day with my lovely friends~!~!!! Watched Die Hard movie...Omg so many ppl watched movie on that day coz there was a really long queue when we wanted to buy the movie tickets. oh oh Wing Yee's boyfriend was there on that day too XDD


After that the next day, we went pai nin at Wing Yee's house~~ and and her house is awesomee!!!! There's a band room in her house hahaha ~~

haha ranesha and nicole highing and singing karaoke in the band room~

and here's ranesha and Wing Yee doing titanium cover~ :P

and here's Kar Yan le no.1 One Piece fan~  with THE BEAR 

ohh ohhh and here's a recorded video of Wing Yee and Ranesha's titanium cover~!~!! :D :D

After that we watched another horror movie omg ==" the sound system in that room is awesome so it makes it even scarier.....and the ending sucks. 

Had awesome load of fun during those 3 days in a row~ Really fun being with them !! Love them lotss~!!! :D :D

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