Friday, March 15, 2013

Nightingale Logo

This year is such a busy year! There's so much art related stuff to do in school this year!! and i joined alot of art art stuff in school @@"

First is.... my school's sports house organized a logo design competition and they never organize this kind of stuff before though...So i just joined and here's what my logo design looks like :D ~
( i didn't plan to post the process of this logo but i checked my camera album and it seems that i took pics of the process so uhh just post la )

random sketch at first~ 

(ok la im so sorry but im just to lazy to rotate it LOL HAHAHA )

( ikr..what kind of lazy blogger am i? rofl!!! )

Tada~ I prefer it without the background though....actually im really not happy with the final result T_T_T but my friends were like nice la nice la! ok whatt!! So i guess that made me feel better about it :x

I know la the colour all same same not nice D: but what to do right since my sports house colour is yellow...tak akan use other colour right?? and turns out i won first place for this competition lol TvT" HAHA and i didn't know the prize is gonna be RM50 popular voucher at first~ Whee So happy 

Actually there's a book i've been wanting to buy in popular long time ago!! and that book got limited stock and its pretty expensive o.o" AND AND everytime i go popular its like that book on the bookshelves saying 'BUYYY MEEE' 'TAKE ME HOMEEEEE' then i was like o.o.o.o"" T_T_T"" and soo when i finally got the voucher and finally decided to buy that book...

when i go popular........It's out of stock .......I was like WTHHH POPULAR ARE U PLAYING SOME KIND OF A TRICK WITH ME!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDDDINGGG MEEHHHHHH!!!!! WTHHH!!  when i dont wanna buy it just pops out everywhere omg and whisper in ur head 'buy me buy me' all the time =.= and When i wana buy it just go out of stock ... i was so pissed....idk when is popular gonna restock it =.=.=.=.=.= 

I kinda made a HUGE MISTAKE in the logo its kinda memalukan so im not gonna tell what izzit HAHAHA ( why did i even mention it in the first place right? LOLOL ) 

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