Thursday, March 28, 2013

Naruto Club Chart

hello there! gonna blog about the club chart since i finally get all the pictures ready! hahaha!! Sobb my pride and joy T_T_T_T Im really really happy with it even though there's like some mistakes but whatever la right? TvT Im glad i didn't receive any negative comments about it....I did my best though T_T_T It's really hard for me coz i need to like make sure those 4 ppl are in the right body size at their placing...and i dont usually do full body omg and this is like suddenly i need do all 4 person's full body at once! im still an amateur after i took me really long to confirm their sizes and just sketching them kills me =__= especially naruto...oh gosh...

It was quite a nightmare doing this coz i had alot of stuff i need to do and i had to rush this as well...but the end product is all that counts i guess *sobs*

ok let's see the process of it 

( i really took alot of pics on this LOL!! O.O.O"" ) ( coz normally i take is like i skip certain parts coz too lazy and kinda troublesome )

Getting the words done first

Purposely put me and my friend's names together hahaha!

After inking all the words~~ then colour colour the main words

This is kinda where all the nightmare starts =.=

HAHAHA OH GAWD CAN U SEE HOW RETARDED NARUTO IS!?!?!?! this is my first sketch of him wth HAHAHAA!! OMG LA SO FACEPALM!! I had to redo this body for more than 3 times wth =.= *nightmare** it was really hard =.= i was so pissed and angry coz it keep didnt turn out right 

LOLOLOLOL :'DD aiya at least better than the first sketch 1 right??? 

can u see my retarded sakura first sketch as well?? LOLOLOL 


AND COLOURING NIGHTMARE BEGINS! I never used this style of colouring before actually =.= so i really am not sure if i'm doing the right thing?? 

Actually i forgotten to take pic of the end product of my chart at home when its  done T_T_T so i had to take it in school ( thats why it took a while for me to fin up the post )


LOL sry if i look ugly here T_T_T but thats the only pic i took me+my chart ....Just took yesterday ...Was so sweaty and really tired after the drama props meeting =.=  yeahh..had to go back to school even during holidays =.=" i was too lazy to care how i look already when i took this =.==.=


SOb  im so happy with my chart i feel like crying tears of joy T_T ....actually i've always wanted to do this since last time like few years ago la... I always see other club chart like...oh this is nice! ohh why this 1 so weird wan!! imma make my own 1 nx time ! I didn't know i would really had the chance to do it before the end of my school life and So its like oh i finally did it! T_T_T like 1 of my goal completed ~ achievement unlocked ~~~~HAHA some more it's my current favourite anime so its more *shing shing shing* to me ....Sobs* and actually i wasn't even supposed to be in charge of doing this club chart LOL! Just took the job from my friend ~

While doing this i was pretty depressed like oh gawd!! why like this 1!? *rub rub* OMG IZZIT EVEN GONNA TURN OUT RIGHT!? WTH IS THIS!? WHAT DID I JUST DO !!!$(@#)#@()% and and really thank god it turn out well ~ im so happy and glad T_T_T_T_T_T and and thanks alot to my friends for their support T_T_T TvT 

onwards to completing more goals~! 

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