Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blue Fairy-like painting

Gahh!! Sorry for not updating my blog!! Had been very busy with school stuff!! This is seriously the busiest year in my school life...I've never been this busy before T_T ...I went for Girl Guides camp just 2 weeks ago (i think o.o ohh i shall blog about it in another post ) and then Girl Guides gathering ( even though i did nothing there HAHA ) and now im busy with my school drama! :O :O 

Surprisingly I was actually really free last Sunday! I think because i paint too much for the drama props stuff so i suddenly had an urge to paint stuff .__. so i decided to just paint something simple~ and and since i bought this drawing book especially for watercolour from Daiso last year and..i only used 1 page HAHA ...and omg the paper quality is soooo good!! and and its so cheap!!! Ok let's cut the long crap and see the process of le painting~

ohh ps...I didn't take much picture since i thought i wouldn't make a post out of this since it was just something really simple to release my urge of painting at first HAHA!  

TADAAA~~ Added some white colour to make it more *SHING SHING SHING* HAHAHA!

and TA TA TA DAAAAA~~~ Scanned it to comp ;DDD Nice anot!? 

I'm really happy and surprised with the result of this painting! It's pretty successful to me T_T_T and i really didn't expect it to turn out this way!! I thought it'll like turn ugly half way through the process ( it happens all the time ==" )

Oh i used Alpha watercolours for this painting~ I didn't use any black or white pens ~~ 

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