Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reddish-pink fairy-like painting~

Ohai~! Here's another head shot painting i did few days ago ( some sort like the blue fairy-like painting as well ) . I did my previous painting to release my urge to paint HAHA and i did this to actually release stress .____. LOLOLOL!! 

So i tried to do a girl with curly hair and fringe clipped up << It was an idea from Ranesha HAHA since she asked me to draw her a chibi version of her  ( which is the description above ) for something else and yeahh i took that idea and did this~~ :DD and since she likes pink, i tried to do a pink hair but...ended up becoming red =.= ..ohh and i took alot of pic for the process compared to the blue 1 HAHA

TADA~ and some white colour for le magical effect~ :DD 


Once again i was surprised and really happy with the results!!! Woahh I really didn't expect it to turn out this way as well T_T_T_T coz coz in the middle of the process i feel like my flowers aren't turning out right and i messed up the floral parts TuT~~ but but it looks ok at the end T_T_T 

I showed this drawing around to my friends in school today~ and first 1 i showed was Ranesha and her reaction was like ' WOAHH!! THIS IS SO NICE!!!! OH MY GOSH!! ' I was like *HOOHH* T_T_T !? I didn't expect that reaction T_T_T_T and then i showed to my drama team members. 

Amanda was like ' guys! You know what!? she actually did this to release stress!! can you believe it?! If it's me i'll feel even more stressed!! ' HAHAHA! coz i posted 1 pic of the process in fb writing there ' releasing stress' LOLOLOL 

Most of my friends really like this drawing!! ( i really didn't expect...i mean say ah? their reaction towards this drawing is beyond my expectations HAHA ) and and plus those comments in instagram from my friends as well so (Y) (Y) (Y)  I feel so happy and touched!! Thanks alot~~ 

This is my face all the time LOLOLOLOL!! HAHAHA

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