Friday, May 31, 2013

Ranesha's 17th birthday

Sorry for abandoning my blog for awhile ! Haha I kinda forgot I had a blog lol. So few days ago was my best friend Ranesha's birthday, 29th May and we slept over at her house to celebrate it. haha it was really fun awesome! Slept over at 28 and went hang out on the 29. I dont have much picture with me though since my friends didn't really upload much but here are all i could find :P

Haha this is taken when we were playing with Yin Jie's MacBook , taking really stupid pictures of ourselves and laughing out ass off LOLOL! 

Birthday cakess~~


After opening presents, singing birthday songs, cutting cake...I kept playing with Ranesha's Galaxy Note2~ ITS SERIOUSLY AWESSOMEE!! She got it last week i think and it was actually a birthday present from her parents :'D 

HAHA doodled naruto there :P 

So the next day we were all dressed up for hang out at Aeon. This is the nicest group picture of us~!! Then we watched Epic in the cinema. Omg that movie is seriously amazingly Epic!!!!!! 

More pics of my friends~ 

Oh yeah!! I did a painting for my friend as a birthday present~ She wanted me to do a painting of her with Naruto and so yeah~~ here it iss~~ :D:D Leee processs

AND TADAAA~~ this is le birthday present from me to my friend~~ :) LE FINAL PRODUCT!! Sorry i didn't take any nice shot of it thoughT_T It's all blury!! 

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