Saturday, March 16, 2013

Black flower

Hello~! I'm finally not lazy to blog~!~!!! Ok la i have been busy!! and am still busy but since i have the mood to blog hohoho~ Here's my 'latest' drawing..well sorta...I havent been drawing that much lately anyway T^T" 


TADA~ hope you guys like it! I've always wanted to draw this type ..u know the zaman dulu clothes~ long hair guys ~~ and i didn't plan to draw this at first anyway just somehow turns out this way :'DD ..It was supposed to be a girl+ wind+ wuff wuff hair+ cool face HAHAHA!! Soo that long hair girl turned out like some long hair guy so i went with the flow and yeahh TADA!

Idk what to name this i just flower lol..

I will try harder and practice more and IMPROOOVEEEE~~ YOSHH GOGOGO! 

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