Saturday, October 27, 2012

26 Oct 2012

Went hang out with my Tst friends in Aeon yesterday and watched Ted! Ted is AWESOME!!! Seriously funny hahahaha!! You guys should watch it too!! Its like action, adventure, touching sad sad parts, love etc etc all in 1 go! So watching this movie is like 3 in 1 ( if u get what i mean :P )

Okayy let the pictures do the talking then~ :D

and there we are at our usual cam whoring spot!

After watching Ted, we walked around and saw Ted in the shop and we were like OMG ITS TEDD!! LET'S TAKE PIC!! Soo i wanted to take too but it was too late coz the workers noticed and chased us out of the shop gave us the 'NO TAKING PICTURES ALLOWED' stare lol 

after that ran and nic went to take pic with purikura!! Their purikura pics is really awesome!! But i only have those sneak peek purikura pics with me o.o"

(sorry my finger LOL ) 

I didn't really take much picture of myself haha coz i wore too simple and not in the mood so yea~~

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