Saturday, September 29, 2012

Of random stars and butterflies.

Here's a process of i dont know what i just drew~ Practicing how to draw 2 characters in 1 page? Their clothes really reminds me of the dgrayman thingy hahahaha. Not much comment about this drawing ._. 

1st layer of lineart. made alot of mistakes but i covered it up in the end. 

 start to fill in the blanks!

ohhh i like the angle of this pic haha

sry bit blurry here~


Sry for the fail fingers T_T HAHAHA i should really practice on the fingers!!! but its better than last time right? ;D or not. 

I dont know why but i dont quite like this drawing i mean its nice la  but i have no feeling towards this drawing like how i had for my other drawings.@@..oh well! 

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