Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Ohai! I just realized i havent been updating my blog recently hahahaha! Lazy laa!! I'll try to make up for it and upload some pictures when i have mood hahaha

And heres my latest drawing! This is drawing is like 50% free hand thats y kinda messy...Actually it was even MORE messy coz i added cracks everywhere after i fin i was like #motherofgod I just spoiled everything!! and i use my white pen man man cover everything HAHAHAHA!! I guess the mistake and marks dont look that clear here~ Okay let me crap a little about Le process~

1st step; scan to computer~

2nd step; I use mei tu to edit it so it doesnt look 'scannish' (LOL i duno say )

3rd step; Used sai and erase the mistakes and darken the white parts. ( it looks much more cleaner now~ )

4th step; I erased small part of the hair at left side coz it seems weird like some part appear some part dont.

5th step; I erased abit of the head coz if u see the head on the 1st pic, i drew it too big hahaha

6th step; adding random colours!  OHH i like the down part!!

Hope you guys like it!! I really like the colour colour 1..but then i only posted the black and white 1 in fb...Should i post the coloured 1 too?

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4475067764099.2179015.1512116082&type=3  and i just created another album esp for my scanned drawing so it seems more HD compared to the 'random artworks' album ( which is like rojak ! see also facepalm )


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