Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ranesha's birthday!

Hello! Havent been blogging for awhile now. Went hang out with my tst friends on 29.5 to celebrate Ranesha's birthday~!! hahaha! Then after that we go her house and sleep over but then i cant sleep over T^T sadd! But im looking forward to our nx sleep over party! :D:D Ohh Let the pictures do the talking! Took those pictures from Yin Jie~~ Credits to Yin Jie !


And then there's me! 

After that we go arcade and play games! HAHAHA!! Play duno wad pirate game until so 'chi gik' play until me and nicole hand red red LOL!! hahah sweat we go take this pic...but our hands looks normal here though

HAHA the pirate game i was talking about.

Too bored..nothing to do lol! 

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