Sunday, May 20, 2012

Berry Berrylicious!

hello hello!! Went Aeon with my family that day and guess what i bought!!!! :D:D:D:D LE FOX'S BERRY BERRY FLAVOR CANDIES~!~!!!!! So berry berrylicious!!! HAHAHA!! Really nice 1 ah!! Last time Ipoh dun have sell this flavor 1 ah...So when i go Aeon and saw that i was like *_* .....You guys should try hahaha!! Oh yeahh Im a big fan of candies!! (Y) >:)

AHAHAHHAHA!! Then yesterday bought a strawberry flavor perfume!! Not exactly perfume but its like perfume lah HAHA!! When i spray spray WAHHH I FEEL LIKE EATING MYSELF!!! I SMELLY LIKE ..........CANDIES AND BERRIES!! KFEO[JKG[EWKG[EWK[GEW!!! FUU FUUU!! (Y) (Y) (Y) HAHAHAHA

Scared i very fast finish my berry berry D: So i man man eat HAHAHA!! Have to control o.o...I can eat a whole packet of candies in 1 day! :DD

AHAHAHAHA took this when i was highing with the berries and started speaking some berry language lol @@


Sorry i just love candies so much  T_T_T especially Fox's berries, this is 1 of my favorite hahaha !! I feel so sad when i dont have candies with me ._. HAHAH I always have some candies with me where ever i go o.o. hahaha how can you not love sweet stuff especially candies? :'D 

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