Saturday, November 17, 2012

17 November 12

Went hangout with my Tst friends at Aeon todayy~!!! Finally!! Had been stuck at home ever since school holiday started T_T_T... Watched pitch perfect and it was awesome!! You guys should watch hohoho! Some parts in the movie seriously very funny!!! HAHAHA!! Laugh die us! After movies, we camwhored a lil in the toilet LOLOLOL 

Ranesha with her new hair style~! When i saw her i was like HOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! coz before that she don't have bangs one. 

nic and ky~!

and this is ky in camwhore mood~ 

 and of course, me~ hahaha

group pics~

HAHAHA!! me with blue exorcist DVD~ Nicole borrow me this anime DVD for almost half a year now HAHAHA and i finally took it out few days ago and start watching it...just finished it so i wanted to pass it to kar yan and so ngam she was holding the camera so i was like OHH KYKY HELP ME TAKE. HAHAHA so random!! I love this anime!! So awesome T_T_T_T You guys should watch it T_T

oh and nicole randomly joins in HAHAHA!! 

After that before going home, we go eat at the steamboat shop beside sushi king~!  Thats all for today! 

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