Friday, November 30, 2012

I created a DA account~!

HELLO THERE! I finally created a Deviant Art account for myself  last week :'DD Yeahh i know im really slow and outdated! There's still alot of things i dont understand there though ;_; but do check it out ;D ~!

I thought nobody is gona care about me there and my art wont get any views of followers BUT some people actually fav my art and become my watchers! T_T_T_T__T Im so happy even though its not that much :'DD hahaha thank you~! :D

AND AND PEOPLE IN DA ARE SO KIND AND FRIENDLY T_T_T_T !!! I thought imma get ignored there :'D but they layan me even though i ask stupid question T_T

Random pic of my raspberry~! heh i love all berry things! hahha 

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