Monday, April 30, 2012

SMI fun fair!

Went for SMI's fun fair yesterday with my friends!! :D Reached there around 9 something and got Julian as our tour guide! haha! Then waited for Kar Yan to arrive. bla bla then walk sunny. The fun fair is not what i expected larh..coz its like so little stuff there D: and i dint even get to finish my coupons =\ .

Then we go buy float and the guy pour coke for me until he dropped the whole bottle of coke while pouring ._. and the coke tumpah on his friend. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!! I was like ._______________________________________________. .

Then i bought helium balloons! WHEEEE HEHEHEHEE!! Then we go highlight our hair ~~

and thenn we went to parade with our balloons. That time was really early so its like very little people there hahaha!! Then we go play with the helium balloons and our voice turn to chipmunks and we keep laughing and recording video. Its was so funny..HAHAHAHA!! hou mou liu arhh!!! HAHAHA!

bai bai! 

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