Friday, April 20, 2012

'Food' Shopping at Aeon 19/4/12

Ohaii!! As you all know yesterday was a HOLIDAYYY~~~ went hangout at aeon yesterday with my tst family hahaha!! I forgot what i did yesterday except for taking pictures @.@ This hang out is kinda for food shopping so it should go like...


All the money should be dedicated to food and food only. But it went out of plan HAHAHA since we bought clothes instead! Next time sin lor! Let the pictures do the talking!! Oh yeah~~ I dint edit any of my pictures below since im not the type that edit pictures ( i also hate editing pictures (unless it is necessary ) . i find it very troublesome -.- and i hate it when all the effects are nice and duno which effect u should choose lol + lazy ) 

Lol meet up and then had our lunch at the pancake house thingy ( izzit wad its called? ) . WAHH eat until i sei ha sei ha..SO THE FULLL!!! Everyone started camwhoring when we sat down LOL!!

This is what i wore!! Whee love love my hat XDD~!~!!!  And the necklace is my last year's birthday present from nicole! :D...

I like this picc!! but then BLURR JOR! T^T. Um...ignore the background la =3="

Camwhore mood *on* LOLOLOL!! ohh and Aeon toilets are awesome~~

LOL They camwhoring with my hat behind me rofl

HAHA Yin jie and nicole go and photoboom me. But i like this pic though >:D

Play guitar as usual >:DD~!

HAHAHA Snapped this pic while nicole playing mario!! Nicole so serious! Nicole's gaming mood *on*

and kar yan joins in HAHHAH

LOL nicole photoboom me again..

bla bla bla~~ waiting for them to buy their things. so tired. 

Waiting for them to buy their drinks at Chatime~ I tot cha time drinks are super nice or something..turns out its just some expensive drinks that taste like other drinks hahaha! 

I guess thats all bye bye~!

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