Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Le old Jusco~

Whee today is a holiday~!~!!! So happy dun need go school! and can finally sleep late late coz they dint do renovation work today!! :DD wootssss~!~!!

Went hang out at the old Jusco last Sunday with my tst friends but kar yan wasnt there so yeahh~ Actually we went there coz of something la and i just follow them for fun plus i wana buy something there. That Sunday is like...wasnt the right day for hang out la...So we actually kinda no now theres Aeon, the old jusco is seriously boring. We were like so boredd what to do there -__- and have to wait long long for the movie to start ...

me and nicole~

lol blur jor :x 

OHOOO~~ actually the reason i went there was to buy this hat :DD::D:D:D:D:D~!~!!! Wheee love my new hat~!~!!! and left 1 only :'DD . 

HAHAHAHA taking pictures everywhere with my new hat 

wahahaha photobooming nicole

wahaha bai bai~! 

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