Saturday, April 7, 2012

Refleksi Diri

I have nothing to blog @@ soooo~~

Last week during sivik lessons, we played this game like..u write ur name on a piece of paper and stick at your back and then people will write what they think of u on that paper sticking at your back and you can also go around writing things at people's paper it means u will not know like what that person wrote behind u

And what i received from my classmates wass..

and soo after everyone is done writing on each other's back, we had to stick the paper on our siviks book and then write a refleksi diri. LOLOLLOL!! kinda glad i dint receive any negative comments...

I go read some of my friend's refleksi diri and they write like they will change and do better bla bla and write until so proper O.O but then when see rojak HAHAHAHAHA!! Dont mind my ugly writing, i was in a rush coz need to pass up LOLOLOLOL.. At first i thought my teacher was gonna call me up and question me hahahaha

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