Saturday, April 28, 2012


Wanted to upload this for a long time now...This is a demonic character (NOT ELF OR ANYTHING LOL ) I guess i draw him not demon-ish enough? Actually this drawing is really unexpected la. Coz I was actually trying to draw a girl with long hair at first....BUT THEN IT LOOKS LIKE A GUYY!! So i was like aiyah just draw a guy la! Then half way i was like..OHH!! make him a demon la. HAHAHA!!  

But i had a really hard time thinking about the stupid background mah fan and hard like that..coz i dont really do background. If i know how to use the photoshop then edit edit and put effect like in the comic, it would be nice. HAHAHA!! 

This drawing really 1 of my favourite lah hahaha... Love this drawing!! Coz this is actually i the first time i draw a guy mature mature like that ( for my level la ) Was so nervous inking this but fun~~ HAHAHA!!

Some of you guys would be wondering '' did you copy it somewhere? '' . Nope, this is my original haha thats why i really like this drawing XPP

Ignore the mistakes i made in that drawing ;x

uhh sooo here's the process~~ Hope you guys like it 

haha i scanned it coz ngam ngam i was using scanner to scan my school stuff >:P 

and thenn i was so bored so i edited it for fun and TADAHHH~~

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