Monday, December 9, 2013

Nicole's 17th birthday, 5th of October~

 I AM FINALLY BACK IN BLOGGING BUSINESS!!!!!! YEAHHH!!! I can't believe it has been that long since i last blogged OMG! hahahaha gomen! This time my reason is that I was too busy studying for SPM. To make up for it I'm gonna be blogging like crap!!! I have SO MANY drawings i wanna show you guys! Stay tuned!

Oh yeah and i finally accepted the fact that my ka boomed computer is never coming back from fixing. Currently using dad's laptop. Can't wait to get my own laptop though.

AND TEN TEN TEN TEN HERE IS WHAT I DREW LAST LAST MONTH! Did this for my tomodachi, Nicole~~!! It's a birthday card hahaha and she is a super big fan of Switch from Sket Dance! and also One Piece LOL! OK LET'S GO TO LE PROCESS!!!


 the Japanese words there means Otanjoubi Omedeto~ which also means happy birthday in Japanese.
well of course im not that pro in japanese la, actually i asked my japanese friend how to write them xP LOLOLOLOL..


waittt not finished yet!



haha sorry i censored my writting~ xP

and tadadada birthday girl receiving all le presents! ....yeah her Birthday was 5 OCT and now is....9 DECEMBER !! OMG!!! this show how 'hard working' i've been TuT

Celebrated Nicole's birthday whole day hahaha! Went to her house early in the morning play play play lallalalalallala. IT WAS SO FUN!  we played hide and seek and 1 of my friend hide in the toilet bowl hahaha how awesome is that? i think that was kar yan HAHAHA just joking




  1. It's so good!!!
    I love your work :)))

    1. Thank you sooo muchhhh ~!~!!!!!!! (T▽T) (T▽T)♥