Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sorry for not updating my blog these days!! My computer broke down few weeks ago and i still haven't got back the computer. It seems that that computer is TOO OLD and so...have to buy new computer which idk when lol  T_T_T and all my pics, scanned and edit artworks is there. Im too lazy to rescan it and re-edit it T_T_T_T_T haihz! Now I'm blogging with my dad's laptop and im not used to using laptop and keep click wrong things and its VERY ANNOYING .

2 days ago was my school's Graduation Night! I cant believe how fast time flies ! I'll be out of school in just a few months more T_T...I always see GradNite pictures of my seniors andd i cant believe its my turn already!!!!!!! and i still cant believe that night is over hahahaha! Spent few days looking for dresses with my friends...finding for saloon and make up places LOLOLOL

okk la let the pictures do the talking~

 Process of becoming pretty  for the night LOL

After everything is done, there's still like 2 hours more before Gradnite starts so me and my friends hang around starbucks for a lil while and soo camwhore a lil whileee


After that Ran drove us to the hotel where the Gradnite is held and WOOSHHHH so many pretty girls standing at the lobby there!! omggg They were all so pretty and i cant even recognize them and i had to ask them whos this LOL!! and that whole night i was SO BUSY taking pictures with my friends lol

With Yik Yue~

 With Sabrinaa ! SHE SO CUTEE!!

Withh Jo Mun~~

haha this Liang Kai Yi so cool that night XP

With Joanne~!~!! ^o^

JHENG YIE SO CUTEEE AHHHHHH!!!! First time see her for femine TvT

the twin sisters~!~!! XDD


Me and Mei Shan~

pictures of me and my classmates~~



Camwhoring with Jie Yin LOLOL




My face ._. haha i cant believe i forgot to take a solo full body pic of myself LOL. When i went back home i was like OHH I didnt take any pic of my ownself LOLOLOL ohh and if you're wondering, the braid on my forehead is my real hair ( since many ppl asked HAHA )

With our teacher~ XDD


Pictures with my TST family~!~!!!! :DDDD

Kar Yannnn~~

 Yin Jiee~ Just realized i didnt take any full body pic with her ;_;. Actually got but with her poloroid camera only

 Me and Nicoleeee~~





 Group picturesss~

 The lighting there is so bad x_x




Was so busy that night i didn't even get to sit down, relax and really eat! It was really tiring walking here and there coz got performance and all, then have to record my friend's performances, then have to keep camwhoring non stop LOLOL!! but it was an awesome night TvT ~

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