Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yunoki Azuma fanart

Fanart of Yunoki Azuma from La Corda D'oro! This anime used to be so popular last time LOLOLOL!! I think it was like 5 years ago? I remember how me and my friends used to go crazy over this anime HAHA . It was really funny.

I had been doing request ( many months ago , sorry I'm currently not accepting any request ) and my friend requested me to do a fan art of Yunoki Azuma and so i did~


and there ya go~ Yunoki Azuma~~ But in the end my friend isn't really satisfied with it since the most important thing she wanted was the eye lol...and as you can see his eyes is um..closed lol. but my friend want them OPENED! =w=" damn...i should have draw them open =___=

So, i feel very not satisfied if my friend isn't satisfied =___=. I feel like there's no point then if she doesn't like it!!! This is really bothering me so im considering drawing another Yunoki-sama with EYES ALL OPENED (OVO) but im lazy so yeah. HAHAHAHA We'll see...

Sorry for the ugly quality TvT stupid scanner got prob and this laptop doesn't have any editing pic application =______________=  since this is my dad's laptop, im not allowed to download anything in it  =u=" If not i already edit it nicely dy!! HAIHZZ!!!

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