Monday, June 17, 2013

Starwalk 2013

Yo!! Finally imma blog about starwalk ~!! It was pretty awesome >:D
Waited for each other to arrive and meet up before we enter the Stadium. We were quite hyper in the morning. Entered the Stadium and camwhored a lil .

With my Tst Family but Kar Yan wasn't there -3-

and when we turn around..

NICE ANOT? My drawings on our starwalk shirt~!!

Had been really busy getting them done!! Rush rush here and there coz i had alot of school stuff to do as well -_-" It was really tiring but im really glad they turned out niceee~!! :'DD 

This 1 is taken with Ranesha's phone.

Me and Jie Yin~
My other friends drew on their own shirts as well but I didn't get to take picture with them though :O 

Me and Jie Yin's back side  but cant quite see her drawing here T.T" and i only have 1 picture of me and her back. She actually drew shingeki no kyojin fanart :P

After taking pictures and all, we start walking. Yesterday's weather was REALLY NICE!! Not sunny at all! It was pretty windy.

When we walk that time we can hear alot of people talking about our shirt HAHA and its kinda funny to hear them la coz its like all of the sudden u can hear someone behind there saying loud loud to their friends something like 'OHMYGOSH THATS NATSU!!'' '' I SEE NARUTO!!! '' '' LOOK LOOK THATS LUFFY!!!!! '' 

We can hear their amazed voices from behind hahaha!! Alot of people thought it was printed LOL!! Few came up and asked me whether its printed or self drawn and some even wanted to ask me where i printed it LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!! They were talking to each other at my back like

A:Woah!! look at that!! 
B:woah printings on t-shirt are kinda expensive. I wana try too. I wonder where she print it..
A: yeahh I think its expensive
Me: *turns around* I drew it myself 1
Me: Thank you TvT" 

i heard some ppl say '' NAHH!! I TOLD YOU ITS PRINTED '' They were so positive its printed so i was like ._____. . 

More pictures of our back side~! :D :D


Naruto and Allen~!! :D

anddd NATSUUU~!

Then we passed by a petrol station so we went there and buy drinks and there's like a bunch of guys squatting down there resting and when we pass by 1 of them was so amazed and quickly tell his friends

Me: Self drawn~ 
everyone: *wooahhh* 

GEJWGJEPOGEW SOOOOO HAPPPEEHHH~!!! Hearing so many ppl with their amazed voice from our backs T_T_T_T_T"" They were really amazed LOL!! and Im really happy that my friends loved them as well TvT" 


If you're interested and want me to draw on your shirts too, feel free to inbox me in facebook  or send me an e-mail > < but of course, I don't do it free of charge :x . The price depends on what you want me to draw for you ^^ . 

Ohh yeah alot of ppl asked me what will happen after you wash it.  I used fabric paints to paint them Haha so don't worry, the drawing will stay there of course !!

 my self-shot picture after finishing the starwalk LOL. 

Thank you very much for liking my shirt paintings~!! TvT)/

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