Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shirt painting commission ( Gemini from Fairy Tail )

Just finished another 1 of my shirt commission for my friend and this time I drew Gemini from Fairy Tail. omg....SO CUTE LA THIS COMMISSION! 

This is how i usually do my painting on shirt. Ok la imma do a little explanation x) 

First step, sketch the characters on a mah jong paper. 

Second step, put the mah jong paper inside the shirt ( can see abit of the sketch on mah jong paper from the shirt right? )

After that, u can straight away trace the characters on the shirt from the mah jong paper . By doing this you can avoid leaving ugly pencil sketchy marks on the shirt. I used to just sketch straight away on my shirt last time so there's alot of ugly sketch marks on shirt ( its actually not that visible. but i still dont like how untidy it is though :x ) It's kinda hard to erase pencil marks on shirt as well, because the eraser bits ends up sticking on the shirt -_- so its really troublesome. HAHA I only figured out this method after painting a few shirts TvT" 

anddd startt colouringg le first layerrr~~~~ 

OH LOL *cough cough* wrong picture 

Add 2nd layer (shadow) after the 1st layer is all dried up~ 

After you're done with all the colouring, you can now do the magical effect of outlining ~~ 


Used fabric colours and sharpie fabric markers. If you're interested in my shirt painting commission as well feel free to message me in facebook or send me an e-mail at stars.andrea@yahoo.com . The price depends on what you want me to draw on your shirt. 

I'll be closing up commission soon...I think before the start of Raya holidays...since I'm gonna be sitting for SPM o.o" but dont worry I'll be open back for commissions after SPM which is like December? 

Also, if you're my school mate and you're interested in my commissions..i think it's better if you pm me now since it'd be easier for us to pass the shirt around o,o ..since i'll be out of school in a few months o3o~~ 

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