Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Woots! Currently enjoying the awesomeness of school holidays ( awesomeness of rotting at home lol ) for Raya celebration which is tomorrow! SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all Muslim people out there~!! 

Wahh feel so free these days nothing to do hoho...I dont have any plans for holidays...guess im just gonna stay home and rot LOLOL! It's okay..i love my home TvT..

Gonna try forcing myself to do some art *sigh* kill me for being so lazy -_-" btw is anyone interested in doing switcharound meme with me? im seriously free! pm me if you're interested ! :'D

orite! here's the drawing process of what i did last month. Suddenly had the urge to do some detailed lineart that time o.o"    

tada! final product~ 

TATATADA~ le scanned to computer. 

Media: artline pens, white pen, liquid paper, grey copic markers.

Thank you for your time! ^u^)/

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