Friday, January 20, 2012

3rd week of school

Sorry for not blogging these 3 weeks haha but its not like people's gonna read anyway HAHAHA!! Okay um...School is....*speechless* I got into a pure science class which is 4S3 . and the sad thing is i was seperated from my friends since they got in to 4S4 which is also a pure science class. Such a busy life! Every day and every morning is like a mad rush! I dont get what is teacher teaching sometimes. Since im a carefree person, im not used to being so busy ( busy till i only bath at 9 last last night --" ) therefore, im quite stressed.

I got demerit 5 marks few days ago and i was trying to keep my record clean for the first month of school. ( so much for that )  There goes my record..calar calar already..

Oh well, thats all for the update. Busy busy busy~

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