Monday, February 6, 2012

4S3 duty roster

Sorry for not updating again TT something happen and i tererased my blog pictures dats why my blog post like abit weird . then i no mood to blog dats why i dint blog. Heres something i just finish doing ~~

This is the process of my class duty roster. Really do until i wan die .  hahaha i was also was kinda amazed by the results though ;x . Do until i want to cry coz the words really drive me crazy. first need type and print then need cut then need susun and i have to actually write the words 3 times! 1st is sketching then outline and then colour.

 After i fin doing this i feel like crying like FINALLYYY HAHAHAHAHA!!  heres the process ^^

Actually i feel really lazy to take picture of the process *sigh* coz its like you colour colour do do and need to  take out the phone and snap snap. so mah fan! But nvm Worth it to see HAHHAHAHA!! LOLOLOL

(ps if u wan see the real thing u can always visit my u know the morning section teacher's room , beside got 1 class and then is stairs and then got 1 more class, yes thats my class, just next to the stairs...haha its 4s3 ^^ )

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