Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello again! Loads of homework to do everyday! And exams are just next next week! Busy busy busy. I guess that's life. haha Im starting to get used to my form 4 now. Subjects are okay la since its just the begining. Its quite hard for me but i think thats because im too lazy to read and study thats why haha.

and i finally finish this drawing yesterday! Drew it on Wednesday. It was suppose to be submitted to an art contest themed Volcaloid. But then due to some reasons i cant submit it and only realized it after i finish lining it T_T.... draw half way already so i just continued that drawing for fun..haha I wonder will i win or not if i did submit it? =3=~~ hahaha so waste ah dint kena submit ! Here's the process!!

Hahaha there goes my table~~. And of course, dont compare me with those awesome pro artist la ><" . I dont quite like the background though but was too lazy too do anything about it and I never touched colour pencils for duno how many years already and i just recently start to use back for fun coz too bored and i always thought that i suck in colour pencils.

Oh yeah sure u guys havent see this vocaloid before since it just came out last year..Its the first korean volcaloid>> SeeU is her name 8D 

haha sorry im too lazy to edit the pictures brighter so that it'll look nicer LOLOLOL!! 

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