Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Howl's moving castle! :D

HELLO! HAHAHAHA!! I loved the Howl's moving castle movie too much until i did a fan art of it ! hahaha So long never paint already. I remembered the last time i paint was on May @@ . Wahh now paint back its like ...SUCH A JOY!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! i miss painting T_T. Really enjoyed doing this fan art. Layers after layers! I wanted to do this long time jor haha but dint hav the time coz u know la screw school Ps i dint design it 1..i copied from tumblr but mine is different abit la~

I used 300gsm cold pressed paper.

Hate the words. ahaha i canceled out the words after doing it half way. LOL! Wasted my time :O 

haha i am quite happy with the results! Was quite nervous doing this @@ coz long time dint paint Cant wait to paint more!! :DDD

I used to paint using 200 gsm paper and i really hate it -_- coz my painting style is very wet 1...so everytime i paint its like my paper going to have holes and tear off ( duno how say ) already 1. and behind will always have mark 1...but this time i used 300gsm WAHHH the paper is so thick and nice T_T First time use so thick HAHAHA!! and its is still 'strong and mighty' after so many wet layers! HAHAHA!! and i so shocked it dint leave any marks behind there! :DD. Sorry for the long crap about papers. 


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