Saturday, March 17, 2012

Running Spy camp~

Was away from home for 3 days and 2 nights. Went for Running Spy Camp( Bukit Kinding ) with my TST family and my schoolmates. It was organized by my friend's church. hahaha had alot of fun there and made alot of new friends!!! The workers in Bukit Kinding were so friendly and nice!!

Was so tired D: .

Played mission games and stuff. On our 2nd night the workers brought us up the flying fox hill there at 12am ! Saw my first firefly while walking up the hill! HAHAHAHA!! Never thought that i'd get to see 1 in real. They brought us up there to see shooting stars!!! Sure you'll be like chey is that even possible? YES AMAZINGLY IT IS POSSIBLE TO SEE SHOOTING STARS!!! Saw so many shooting stars @@!!!!! 
and any more things happen la in the camp but if i write all here it'll be long and boring so yeah hahhahaha 

Dint take that much pictures since we were busy with activities :O I miss camp and my friends now T^T. Its sad that time had to fly so fast.

haha let the pictures do the talking then :D!

waiting for the games to start! :D

hahahhaha 'partying' in the dorm at night! so funny yin jie and nic go photoboom me 

woo i like the effect

At the hill~ see shooting stars :D

2nd attempt of trying to take a pic with yin jie's gigantic lolipop 

haha i dun like my face here but i like the lighting and background~

#likeaboss pose hahaha

candid pic of kar yan

 hahahaa i like the edit here! :P

All of my pics are not edited except the 1 above. haha i dont usually edit pictures coz i lazy :O . 

So sad la after camp have to go back to school T^T. I still have many homeworks undone and i dont have much time left to do. Too many homeworks until i so stressed until i dont wana do anything LOL! School is such a nightmare....

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