Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Under The Sea

Happy Holidays to all the school kids out there~!~!!!!!

I remember me and my friends would always be counting down the days for this long awaited 2 weeks of school holidays haha! This is always the best thing for school kids hahahaha! Most of them must've planned to go on a family vacation and I'm not missed out on this~~ I'm going on a vacation in with my family members in Taiwan and I'll be leaving tomorrow haha! SO EXCITEDDD!! I'll be on shopping spreeeeeeee!!  Also can't wait to indulge in those delicious Taiwan foodd!!!

I'll be writing a super long post about my Taiwan trip after I come back from my trip later!! XDD It has been such a long time since I blogged a vacation post and the last time was 2 years ago o.o.


Okok back to the main reason of this post. Here's my painting I did for C2AGE ( comic convention event in KL ) art competition last month and I won first place @_________@ !! OMGGG HAHAHAHA!  Happy me ~~ Thank God hehe XDDD .

I planned to go to the C2AGE event but sad la my plans didn't work out in the end ==". Now I'm still waiting for my prize to be delivered to me TvT and I'm quite curious what's the prize LOL.

OKKKKKK Let the pictures do the talking~

Once again trying out my masking fluid~ :3 

Firstooo layerrrr~!!! 

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *MY USUAL SOUND EFFECT* TEN TEN TEN TENNNNNNNNNNNNN~!~!!!! My winning painting HAHAHA!! I added alot of stuff in the painting and this is the first time I did a detailed painting like this *u* Maybe I should try doing more of this kind of painting in future! XD 

and here's my scanned version...Dont really like the colours of my painting here coz my printer go auto edit my painting this the colour like too striking == 

Honestly this painting see until my eye flower ( ngan fa ) =u=" HAHA 

I guess that's all,  cya~! 

Thanks for dropping by~!! XD

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