Sunday, July 13, 2014

Taiwan trip. Day 2

On the second day of my Taiwan trip, we had to wake up pretty early, ate our breakfast and got ready to check out of the hotel as we would be moving to a different place and staying another hotel. We've went to quite alot of place on the second day. 

Once again, sitting on the bus for hours to reach the next destination. 

I really like Taiwan's highway. Their roads are so spacious and there's like 3 lanes on each side. And you know what, their highway resting area is huge too! And it's so lively there!! There's even people playing traditional musical instrument there. ANDD LOOK WHAT I SAWWWW at 1 of the resting area~~~

CHIBI KYOJINNN!!! Omg so cute right T_T_T BUT SO SAD played a few times and didn't get it sob sob*. The tour guide was also rushing us as have to follow schedule and he doesn't want us to be late. 

Our next stop was Sun Moon Lake. Look what I saw there! HAHAHA WTC I've never see this kind of building before. Like so forever alone lmao...Taiwan really have weird buildings. 


Another thing I like about Taiwan, their tour bus!!  Every single bus looks the same and they are all double decker! ( sorry for the bad angle of this pic btw )

This is what I wore on the second day of my trip! It was so hot and sunny that day. I'll begin sweating like crap every time I got down from the tour bus lololol. 

Note: ALWAYS bring an umbrella to travel. My umbrella really saved me from being sun burned because we had to walk to a few places. 

Went to Wen Wu Temple after our lunch ( sry my rillakuma umbrealla photoboom hahaha ) There are SO MANY STAIRS INSIDEEE!! So many tourist as well! Even korean and japanese haha. 

You can see this view opposite the WenWu Temple. That is it, Le Sun Moon Lake. Although you can't see it here, It's actually a round + crescent shape. That's why it's all Sun+Moon lake~  

The water was really blue and clear. Since it was so hot I really felt like jumping into the water HAHAHA. 

After our visit at Wen Wu Temple, we went to the Peacock Garden! I was actually expecting to see alot of flowers since it's a garden hahahaa but no, there was only peacocks lolol. 

Peacock showing off it's butt to me. 

" Look! Imma handsome white peacock! " 

Handsome white peacock incoming!!!

White peacock trying to woo the lady sitting there AHAHAHA! The lady doesn't seemed interested or amused. 

' whatever~~ ' says the lady

I was taking pictures of the birds inside this cage using my phone and I was holding it really near to cage and suddenly this magpie charged at me and almost attacked me!! omg I was so shocked man!! It almost bite me LOLOLOL even the tourist beside me shocked and was like AHHH hahahaha. Phew that was close!

' what cha lookin at? what did i do wrong?? '

' damnn almost got u ' HAHAHA

HAHA this fake flying squirrel  looks so high ' IMMA HIGH ON DRUGS NOW LETS FLY EVERYWHERE N PARTAYYY ' 

Heading to another city after all the visits where we'll stay 1 night there, that is the central of Taiwan, Tai Chung city ~ 

Later there was a traffic jam and we've waited for almost an hour because there was an accident =u=.

Still jamming...Thats why I can take all these pics clearly hahaha. This scene here reminds me of those anime/manga stories...characters living in a peaceful village and just freely walk from place to place haha lol...random

Finally the jam was over and we had our dinner here! A choice restaurant group. If I'm not wrong there's like around 3 restaurants inside @@. 

One of my uncle from Taiwan sponsored us for dinner and the dinner was SOOOOOO LUXURIOUS ._. ...and dishes kept coming out non stop and I was like HUH? wasn't that the last dish just now !? It's a waste I can't fit all these dished into my stomach TvT   

A fish I saw at the restaurant and seriously this fish looks so funny!! I can even hear it singing loudly the happy song why pharell williams HAHAHAHA 

ALSO I love Taiwan toilets!!!! You don't have to hold the thing to flush in public toilets!! Just step on that pedal to flush! It's so much easier and cleaner...I wish they have this in Malaysia! Taiwan public toilets are so much more cleaner too.

After our dinner, we checked in our hotel and went to Taiwan's famous nightmarket, Feng Jia Nigh tmarket. My first time experiencing Taiwan's night market and.....IT WAS CRAZY!!!!!! It was so crowded!! 

People mountain people sea man!! ( cantonese proverbs ) and everything was so damn cheap! I think that night I only walked like 1/3 of this market ==. Yeap this is how big it is!! Walked for hours and my legs was hurting like crap TvT. 

The decoration in front of this shop is so cool!!! The clock and the screw actually turns!! 

However even though the clothing in Taiwan night market are cheap, I think you can even get these prices in Malaysia. So yeah I guess it's pretty much the same. So yeah, you don't have to go all crazy shopping for clothing in Taiwan night market as all these things can actually be found back in Malaysia ( example, KL Time Square ) My advise is, just go for the food. 

Normally in Malaysia people just wear house clothing  or even pyjamas to go night market but here in Taiwan,  there are so many people that really dress up to go night market LOL. So you can see many pretty and handsome people even in night market hahaha.

Loooong ice cream! Taste normal lol. It's not as delicious as it looks lol. 

Can u spot the one piece picture there? One piece seems to be REALLY popular in Taiwan. Every city I went in Taiwan, surely there'll be One Piece things everywhere. 

See at the back there!!! Even people working in the hotel receptionist is a fan of One Piece. 

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