Friday, January 2, 2015

First semester of College

Happy New Year guys~~

It seems that I have just broken my own record of not updating my blog LOLOL! It has been 4 months since my last update ==. Actually I didn't even log into my blogging account until today and I'm surprised that there are still people viewing my blog.

WARNING: Long 'summary' of the first semester of my college life.

Sorry for not updating lol..It is because I finally started COLLEGE on September haha yeap after slacking for almost half a year.

* Home is the best place ever. 

As usual I have alot to write. I'll start with my college life story LOLOL. I had been really busy with assignments for the past 3 months and I feel like college life is all about assignment =_=". Going to college means leaving home ( for my case ) and staying in hostel. When we're younger I'm sure you'll have thoughts like hoping to grow up fast, hoping to start college fast so that can stay away from family, leave home, ( maybe you'll have this kind of thought especially when you just got scolded by your parents HAHAHAHA ) 

BUT THEN after going to college, your point of view will change and you'll realize, your home is the best place on earth ( especially when waking up with smell of food or refrigerator filled with food lololol ) and your bed at home is the most comfortable bed and your parents are the best people ever hahaha.

For the first few days of my stay in KL, I was REALLY HOMESICK and depressed ==". I'm the type that can't adapt fast to change of surroundings. So I only got used to it after a few weeks. 

My best friend and also house mate HAHA. I'm really thankful that we're studying the same college and we had the same intake so I'm not completely alone. 

I was really facepalm on the FIRST DAY of class =_=. I read the timetable class place wrongly and went to the wrong class LOL. But I didn't enter la coz it already seems wrong and I was like ask a senior around and she had to take me there LOLOLOL....So facepalm right? I was like abit panicking coz I dunno anyone there and I dunno the place ( my bestfriend is in the diff class so diff timetable ) and I thought I was gonna be late for class but turns out the lecturer is even later than me =_=

*Meeting new people and group members

I was also quite nervous about making new friends and I was quite scared too coz I have people telling me that some college people are very bad la bla bla bla but turns out it's not entirely true!!

 My classmates, ( new friends I made HAHA ) were really kind, helpful and really funny !!  Honestly I didn't have any problem with my classmates at all! There wasn't any drama like what I'd imagined. My 3 months with my classmates was really peaceful HAHAHA ( not talking about assignment )

We went Korean BBQ together~

Picture with my groupmates, my lecturer ( white colour shirt ) and our group work .I always hear people having problem with their group mates coz they are not doing their work and bla bla bla. Woah I'm so thankful to have them as my group mates coz everyone was really hard working and we did all the work together

Me and my lecturer~

haha wtc Sim Yee go photoboom me 

Well even though we had steamboat party together the day before our group project deadline and presentation

( preparing food for steamboat while the rest of us do our group project )

and even went for swimming in the apartment before our steamboat party starts LOLOL

We managed to get everything done anyway hahahahaha.

Picture of me with my another subject ( english presentation ) group mates! Success pose* of us right after we done our presentation. And yeah  they are really hard working and cooperative !! Waa I'm so thankful again to have these hard working people in my team!! I don't have to face those ugly dramas between group mates that I often read in my college confession pages or hear from other people.

We even came an hour early to practice our presentation. 

Class pic~~ 

Pic of me and my other classmates haha it's actually quite funny to see everyone in formal wear on presentation day.

Meet the class joker literally telling stupid jokes in class all the time. Also the most humorous guy I've ever met 

with  patisserie chef Nikki! 

and my buddy Zia Hwan~

Oh yeahh and here's a pic of me and my classmates and also with the presents they gave me for my birthday hohoho!! Since my birthday was on 27th Nov and I had class on that day lol. 

Ohh I just remembered that I'm 18 and I'm legal now hahaha. It's quite weird also actually because I just turned 18 ( since I'm born almost year end )  and I have to tell people that I'm 19 now since it's new year liao. LOLOL. Sometimes I wonder if I should tell them that I'm 18 or 19 hahaha.


Another fact about college is that some people are just not concern with punctuality lol. ( idk about other college though ) But this is just a normal typical Malaysian thing. Lecturers will always be 5-10 minutes late to class. Why!? Because students are always late. lol. But of course not all students are late. 


Besides that, there are really young lecturers in college. They even look like student LOLOL. I remember for my first class when the lecturer stood in front and spoke, I was like =_=? Why is this student suddenly speaking in front...turns out he's my lecturer LOLOLOL ! I was like !?!?!?! But all the lectures in my college taught me really well and I really appreciate all their help~


I'll be starting my 2nd semester soon, actually in 2 days. Sigh holidays are over and it's time to go back to work. Quite sad also coz I won't be in the same class as everyone in all the pictures above coz we'll be seperated to our own major course. 

I just checked my future class and there's only like 4 people in my class including me T_T_T omg so little right!?!? It's because the course that I'm taking is quite new...*sigh* and I'm the only person in my Sem 1 class that takes this course so I don't know any of my sem 2 classmates . Nikki even joked that if I fight with my future classmates then I don't have friend already #forever alone. HAHAHA. That is quite true also. 

Also going to college makes me eat a lot because it became my source of joy HAHAHA. and sometimes you have to syiock sendiri in college to feel fun ( I think those ppl who goes to college will get what I mean ) HAHAHA


This is 1 of the assignment I did in college. Pixel art that I had to draw really super small boxes and paint in it. 0.25 x 0.25 mm . I really burn midnight oil doing this and because of this when I sleep I had a nightmare about water colour LOL. I'm serious . Doing this really put my patience to the ultimate test TvT

Out of all assignments, the reason I post this is because I feel so facepalm .........why..?!?!?!?!? Its because.....




The intruction was 0.25x0.25 inch boxes  LOLOLOL AND I SO SO SO SO SO JKGOPWEJGPOWEJGPEOW GO DO 0.25X0.25 MM OMG SIAAA!!! SO BIG DIFFERENCE. haihhhhh!!!! so smart right? Ya....and I remember my super shock face when I go class the next day after I've done it half way my classmates were like ' Eh Andrea why is ur boxes so small? ' ( since I posted my above^ pic on fb ) Then I found out the truth and that I AM SUCH A GENIUS!! I jammed there for a very long time. . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. 

but it's's okay to do extra work....T_T_T it's okay...........

Moral of the story , always pay attention in class.  


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