Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2# Star walk shirt commissions 2014

That's not all! I have a few more shirt paintings to show HAHAHA

Lambo from non other than, KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! 

HAHAHAH looks so funny. I remember Lambo is so damn annoying and dumb in Reborn lol .


Next is REBORNNNN!!!! 


Lastly, my favourite 1 from all the shirt painting I did this year, chibi Soushi from Inu Boku SS~~ 

Sorry I did not take picture of the final product!! ARGHH!! So sad la...WHY!? Because my customer suddenly came to my house and took the shirt away ( since it's my sister's friend ) WHILE I WAS SLEEPING LOL. When I woke up I was like WHERE ALL THE SHIRT GOOH!?!?!? =________=

This is all I have TvT" ( Picture from my customer aka sister's friend ) LOLOLOL. 

Overall, thank you so much for commissioning me. I'm glad that my customers liked what I did for them and I've got good feedbacks. I'm not sure if I'll open starwalk shirt commissions for next year as well since I gotta see whether I'll have time to them or not as I'll be off to college TvT".....I'll tell you guys if I'm free to open up these commission next year!  

Oh yeah many of you have asked me what I used to paint on the shirt. I used mural paints. They can be purchased in any book store or stationary shops~

Thank you for your time~!~!! TTvTT) /

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